Stolace is a musical project by composer and musician Michael Tangen, an acoustic instrumental music expression created with the intent to help one find peace, a state of relaxation, calmness, and focus. The term stølace is a mashup of the terms stoic and solace, to invoke a sense of stoic-like peace and comfort.

Michael Tangen has been creating music over two decades in different manners, most recently under the pseudonymn Michael Miles. But through a variety of events, Michael dropped the pseudonym and all past musical ambitions and passions for a change in personal philosophy and to take his music down a different path.

Under the project name STOLACE, he is solely focused on composing and creating music for the pure joy of creating something that wasn't before — creating music without the trappings of vain ambitions and higher aspirations completley out of his control. Each acoustic instrumental piece is paired with a peaceful nature-themed video to help one find a state of mindfulness, peace, and tranquility.

For a complete catalog of STOLACE music videos, head over to the STOLACE YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to the Stolace YouTube channel to stay in the loop when new music is released.

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