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1. You can freely download my music here at

You are free to download any and all of my songs here at After having a bit of an epiphany after reading Epictetus the ancient Stoic philosopher, I came to the conclusion that there are far too many variables out there that I cannot control. Between file sharing, low/no pay streaming services, and the vast ocean of artists out there trying to "make it" in the business, it became clear that the only thing I have control over is how much time and energy that I can devote to my music, and to do it solely because it brings me joy.

I create music that pleases me, gives me a sense of peace and solace, and even helps me focus and strive towards becoming a better version of who I am. So I don't need the approval of the masses, or album sales, or likes on Facebook to make me happy. I make music because it makes me happy, and so I'm happy to share it freely with you. So download away. All you need do is log in first, then click on the songs in my music section, and download the songs that appeal to you. A modest quality (128 kbps) mp3 is made freely available through Soundforge.

2. Artists are not properly compensated on streaming platforms

Have you looked at how poorly your average musician or band is compensated from services like Spotify or Google Music? An artist will receive as little as $0.0015 (that's 3/20th of a penny) per stream from Spotify, and mechanical license royalties coming from YouTube and Facebook are just as bad, if not even worse! One of my payouts from Facebook mechanical royalties amounted to $0.000054 per stream — a royalty that I don't think they're going to cut a check for.

The industry clearly favors the streaming platforms and the consumers that pay for the services. Heck, I'm one of them — subscribing to a streaming service to have paid access to all of the things for one low monthly fee. But I can't help but wonder what little some of my favorite indie artists are making from my streams.

By becoming a supporter, you help me negate the perceived need to put STOLACE on all the major streaming platforms, and you help compensate me more fairly than Spotify, Google, or Apple ever could.

3. It's a practical way for you to say "thank you for making the music!"

Ever since my kids were old enough to start talking and forming sentences on their own, I steeped in them the value of manners and always saying "please" and "thank you." Manners go a long way towards showing that you care about the relationship and the exchange that is about to take place. Plus, it just makes one feel a little better when you say "thank you" and mean it.

You're under no obligation to support me, but it would be a wonderful way to say "Thank you for all the music you've created! Please, make more!" Your monthly contribution encourages me to keep making music, helps offset my cloud hosting costs, and is the kind thing to do.

Mustering up all the polite manners that I can, please, will you support me? If so, head on over to my Patreon page and become a supporter today!

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