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Morning: I by Stolace

December 14, 2018 | Michael | Videos, Music

For years I had been making music for all the wrong reasons and chasing dreams and expectations that are just simply out of my control. Enlightened by the words of Epictetus and learning what it is that I can control, and what it is that I cannot, I’ve broken my seven year musical silence and have begun creating music again. But this time I’m creating it for much different reasons this time around, and am only focusing on the things that I can control.

One significant change is that all my music is now freely available for you to watch on YouTube, listen to on SoundCloud, or download here at stolace.com. I make music because it brings me joy, gives me a sense of accomplishment, and makes life more fulfilling. If you enjoy the music that I create and want a more practical way of saying “thank you”, please consider becoming a supporter at my Patreon page. Your modest monthly contribution helps keep the music freely available and helps pay for services to keep the music going.

Watch the video for Morning I

Watch “Morning: I” on YouTube

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