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Morning: II - Persevere by Stolace

December 31, 2018 | Michael | Videos, Music

Sweet like that first sip of coffee when the morning air is still and the sun begins to peak above the horizon and the clouds make way, sweet like that moment when things begin to make sense and become clearer with each day, and sweet like the payoff from persevering through trying circumstances and the obstacles that stand before you. For me, that is what this new song embodies in its very essence — persevere through all that stands before you, through new morning after new morning, until you find the joy and solace of a brand new horizon.

This song was extremely frustrating to record — take after take after take, flawed guitar part after flawed guitar part, the obstacle being my tremor conditions and the limitations in my skill, standing in my way to where I want the piece to go. With a hell of a lot of perseverance, practice, and take after take until it sounded just right, things began to piece together. And as if the clouds opened up before me on the horizon, all of the parts fell into place to produce this piece that I’m extremely proud of. It brings me great joy.

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