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Exploring the creative cosmos

February 11, 2019 | Michael | Music, Updates

Early on when I set out to start making music again, I had one very specific requirement — I would make music that pleases me, makes me feel more at peace, fulfills me as a creative individual, and helps me to be focused on living fully and completely. I had thought my music would take the form of quiet, relaxing, and almost meditative instrumentals, which is what I’ve been listening to a lot of lately. Listen to my first few songs and that’s the vibe you get, quiet and contemplative. But even still, with the second song that I composed and recorded (“A Moment of Clarity”), if you listen in closely you can hear self-restraint, almost as if the song itself is saying that it wants to go even further yet to a place not yet realized.

With my tracks “Breathe” and “Morning: II - Persevere”, I hearkened quickly back to that more quiet, contemplative vibe — to stay in that comfort zone, almost like I felt I had been stretching the boundaries a bit too much with “A Moment of Clarity”. But with an unbridled pursuit after a more fulfilled expression and searching for what the composition ought to be, “Here and Gone” had launched off into new territory, away from my unspoken (and self-decreed) platform of “peaceful, acoustic instrumental music”. I told myself, “it’s OK, it’s just what the song wanted and I’ll return to the quiet, meditative pieces.”

After completing the anomaly that is “Here and Gone”, I resumed work on my next piece which is a quiet acoustic piece that will be paired with cello. And while I waited for some pieces to fall into place, I began working on another piece that is taking on a life of its own (much like “Here and Gone”) and evolved into this serious Pink Floyd vibe… AND I LOVE IT. I discovered a great sense of freedom and joy in just exploring where the music wants to lead me and honoring what the song calls for over some prescribed formula that I’ve imposed on myself or some expectation placed on me by others. In one sense, I’ve been exploring this hybrid between the post-rock genre and to some extent influenced by the instrumental works of Pink Floyd. They have been a heavy influence on me over the years for certain.

The stylistic shift doesn’t stop at this new piece either — I’ve decided to branch out and make this new piece a three-part ensemble with this sort of “lost in space” theme, cut off from Ground Control, and venturing further out into the cosmos to finish the mission unsupported. There’s a lot of strong imagery running in my head surrounding these ideas and I can’t wait to try and realize them into music. As a little treat, I’ve enclosed a short sample of what I’ve been working on below:

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