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You only have this one moment

February 03, 2020 | Michael | Updates

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend with Terminus launching this past weekend and busting my ass to promote it and trying to add greater visibility. But let’s be honest, it’s tough to gain visibility when you’re beginning with a fan-base that can be counted on both hands — it involves some paid advertising, trying to network with other musicians and reviewers, posting on social platforms (which barely creates a ripple in an ocean of noise), and lastly relying on the good graces of other people to share one’s music.

For me, TERMINUS is more than just an album that I created and released — it’s been the resonant theme for me over the past year. Put quite simply, the theme is this:   you only have this one moment.

I’m about to nerd out a little on philosophy — so, my most sincere apologies. Today when I was having lunch, I spent a little time reading Marcus Aurelius’ book “Meditations”; Aurelius is a second-century Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher that left behind a ton of gems of deep and meaningful philosophical truth. I came across something he said today that resonated with me quite a bit [minor modifications for gender neutrality]:

"For the present is the only thing of which a [person] can be deprived, if it is true that this is the only thing which [they have], and that a [person] cannot lose something [they do] not already possess."

So much of what’s been happening to and around me as of late, keeps pointing back to this single reminder: that we only have this moment we’re in, so cherish it, savor it, be in it more fully. Be present in the company of the people you’re with, love more fully, live more selflessly, be the better version of yourself in this moment. It’s the only thing you have absolute control over. Hell, even my most recent Netflix-bingefest on “The Good Place” gently nudged me back on track to this thought, live like you’re the best version of yourself.

It’s part of what motivates me to make music to begin with — to be the better version of myself and to help others find their own path to that end as well. I hope that Terminus has been inspiring for you and that it helps nudge you out of any tendency to live this life on “auto-pilot” and get in the game.

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