Celebrate the 48th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's
"Dark Side of the Moon"

Dark Side of the Moon album cover

Join us for a live streaming event Monday, March 1st at 9pm EST / 8pm CST celebrating the 48th anniversary of this legendary album. We'll be live-streaming a documentary on the album plus the full album re-imagination by Stolace. Follow us and watch the lives stream over at twitch.tv/stolacemusic.

We'll also be giving away full color 11x17 posters and limited edition, signed color commemorative booklet celebrating the re-imagination of this album. All new subscribers will automatically be entered to win this full color 11x17 poster and signed, limited edition commemorative booklet about the STOLACE re-imagination of "Dark Side of the Moon". Sign up now and be entered to win!

photo of Michael zealously holding up the poster and commemorative booklet Sign up now, be entered to win!

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A few new singles have dropped in the past couple months — "Never Too Late", "Monster", "Echo", and "Not Alone (feat. Faye)". All singles are now available on streaming platforms worldwide. Give them a listen and add 'em to your favorite playlists!

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