SPACES | Prelude, the latest EP from STOLACE is here

"SPACES | Prelude" is the trailhead release in the upcoming SPACES album series, exploring the relationship between sound, the listener, and the space in which we experience sound. The SPACES album series also marks a departure from DAW-based composition to live improv with minimalist hardware, effects, and processing. "SPACES | Prelude" is available on streaming services everywhere and at

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AMBIENT DISCOURSES | conversations with musicians and composers

Season 2 is here!

An all new season of long-form conversations with some pretty remarkable musicians and composers is upon us! I've got loads of great conversations in store for us all, and it's a privilege to bring you along for the ride.

New to season two: participate in polls and Q&A on the Spotify podcast platform. Give it a spin when the first new episodes drop!

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