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  • Safeguards in mystic exploration thumbnail

    Safeguards in mystic exploration

    Some ideas or thoughts on protecting one's self as one explores mysticism and spirituality in all its forms

    I've been burned a few times now in my spiritual exploration, much of it from mainline religions or from pop culture fads in spiritual pursuits — but this time around I've established for myself a few rules of engagement to keep me sufficiently grounded and insulated from more predatory practices, bad actors, and just altogether poorly thought-through ideas.

  • Learning to let go thumbnail

    Learning to let go

    How Stoicism completely altered my approach to making music

    All it took was a long walk in nature, Stoicism's Dichotomy of Control, and asking myself some tough questions to completely alter my perspective when it comes to making music and sharing it online.

  • Origination thumbnail


    a collision with the ancient philosophy of Stoicism

    A Greek Philosopher, a Roman emperor, are seated at a desk... it sounds like the start of joke that only philosophy lovers would understand, but as it turns out, this story of mine involves a greek philosopher and a Roman emperor from antiquity.