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Episodes tagged with "Tomoyoshi Date"

  • Episode 5.24 // Featuring Boreal Taiga and Brandon Tani | July 7, 2024

    In today's program we're packing up the car and heading out on an ambient road trip featuring music inspired by the road or perfect for driving out on those open expanses and lost highways. My two featured artists on the program have music that will be the perfect soundtrack for hitting the pavement and exploring beyond the horizon — I've got music from Boreal Taiga taking us to the lonely northern roads in Norway's arctic region, and Brandon Tani leaving us with tactile snapshots through roads less traveled. Plus music from ILUITEQ, Kilometre Club, Ben Lukas Boysen and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.