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“Evoking images of galaxies, clouds, waves, and the undulating forces of nature, STØLACE's music will transport you to a realm of quiet contemplation and ethereal memories.”
- Paul A (Maryland)

Vivid images of distant swirling nebulae, clusters of galaxies intertwined, and the serenity spoken by ancient sages of highly evolved life forms — this is the music of STØLACE’s Relay Station, a collection of original ambient and atmospheric music.

The Relay Station music series originated as a weekly live ambient music stream on Twitch, performing original and improvisational ambient music. Since its inception in 2021, The Relay Station has broadcasted over a hundred shows into homes across the globe, and from those broadcasts over 400 songs have been released, totaling 31 ambient albums. The volume of music continues to expand, containing of over 48 hours worth of music.

In November 2022, The Relay Station received a makeover — completely altering the live show to be more conforming to the traditional syndicated radio show format, has undergone some professional touches to further enhance the program, and is on a trajectory for syndication on radio shows across the country.

“STØLACE has a tremendous gift to craft beautiful ambient music that promotes peace, relaxation, and mindfulness. The music is also engaging and dynamic, with new things to hear with every listen.”
- Jamison S (Minnesota)

While STØLACE’s music library is chock full of ambient albums, it’s in no way a limit of their musical expression. STØLACE has created a wide breadth of music — ranging from larger than life post-rock anthems, rock-driven funky originals, and custom music commissions that vary stylistically as the customers that STØLACE has created music for.

One of their more noteworthy rock projects was STØLACE’S re-imagination of the legendary album “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd. More than just a cover album, this project expresses the 1973 classic through the lens of their life and the ideas that they have been working through, most notably the ancient philosophy of Stoicism.

The themes of life, death, the passing of time, and what we do with it are all packaged up in clever new arrangements with a fresh set of ears. The sound is a brilliant blend of reggae, New Orleans-influenced funk and jazz, stadium-sized melodic rock, and expansive cinematic soundscapes — all tied together into a creative release. You can find STØLACE’s “Dark Side of the Moon” on streaming music platforms and the full-album visualization at

“The persona and music of STØLACE is a lighthouse for so many people that experience ‘rough waters’ and need to relax or just wind down from everyday stress or other inconveniences.”
- Miran B (Slovenia)

Deep under all the externals of music composition, production, and performance, are the still waters of STØLACE’s foundational philosophy. Rooted in Stoicism, personal reflection, and practicing mindfulness through daily meditation, these values find their way into the music and other outward expressions.

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