SPACES | improvisational ambient music series

SPACES | improvisational ambient music series

Explore the relationship between sound, the listener, and the spaces in between.

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This installment in the SPACES improvisational ambient music series takes us to a trail where I frequently ran years ago when training for a marathon — the Rice Creek Regional Trail. It's a quiet, picturesque paved trail through densely packed trees, a winding creek that feeds into the Mississippi River, and a variety of wildlife in the middle of this suburban park. What a great place to sit down and create some music!

You won't find SPACES | Rice Creek on the streaming giants, but you will find it exclusively at YouTube and at my Bandcamp page where you can download it for free! You can listen below or head over to Bandcamp and download it today!

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The SPACES improvisational ambient music series are performances in both public and private spaces, exploring the nature of sound, the listener, and the surrounding spaces that envelop us. The performances are generally between 40-60 minutes in length, are completely improv in nature, and create a setting that is meditative, tranquil, and serene.

While the improv sessions are generally recorded without an audience, anyone can watch, listen, and enjoy the FREE performances in silence with a listening mind and heart. Unlike typical performances, the goal is not to entertain, but to create a meditative, peaceful space. With meditative ambient music as the foundation, the listeners are given ample space to think, to dream, to imagine, and allow the mind to explore the sounds and spaces.

STOLACE likens these improvisations to our movements through life. We often find ourselves with the opportunity to embrace whatever comes our way — and to practice the fine art of skillfully responding to it. The real beautiful moments of creativity and imagination are found when we learn to flow with the unpredictable and ever-changing spaces we find ourselves in. Life IS improv!

ATTN: promoters, event coordinators, building administrators

...and anyone with authorization and a set of keys 😉

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