SPACES | improvisational ambient music series

SPACES | improvisational ambient music series

Explore the relationship between sound, the listener, and the spaces in between.

Information for event coordinators, venue reps, and promoters

...and all those with authorization and a set of keys to the building. 😉

The SPACES improvisational ambient music series is more experiential and meditative than it is a concert or typical performance. Generally the improv sessions are recorded without an audience or the intent of drawing one, but rather to explore the relationship between sound, the listener, and the surrounding environment. Audiences are welcome and encouraged to watch in silence with a listening mind and heart.

Here's what you need to know

photo of STOLACE performing in Fridley Station
  • Performances are FREE and no admission is ever charged to those in attendance (unless the venue insists or requires it). Venues are NOT charged artist or booking fees, but locations outside Minnesota's Twin City metro area are required to cover travel up front, calculated at $.70 per mile (one way) from STOLACE's starting point to your venue.
  • No PA system or equipment is required unless the size of your space and audience requires it. Generally for most smaller and more intimate settings, STOLACE's mobile rig is sufficient.
  • The performances are generally between 40-60 minutes but set lengths tailored to your requirements can be accommodated.
  • No music licensing is required (e.g., ASCAP, BMI, etc.). All of the music is improvisational, original, and not derivatives of other people's work.
  • The performance footprint is very small, requiring only 5' wide by 4' deep (1.5 x 1.2 meters) of unobstructed, clean, dry, and level space. The performer is generally seated on the floor, and a stage isn't necessary unless the venue or space dictates it so.
  • No power is required as STOLACE uses a portable unit to power his devices.
  • No stage lighting is required save for what is useful for helping set the tone and ambiance for the performance.
  • The volume level is generally low, and no louder than your average television soundbar (STOLACE's mobile rig uses a Bose Soundbar for small, intimate settings). For moderately sized spaces or audiences, a small PA system may be used instead.

Contact STOLACE to schedule a performance at your space!