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I'm here to help

As a musician, composer, and producer, I understand the challenge of promoting your music, getting it in front of active listeners, and being heard. Well I'm here to help and it won't cost you a thing!

In addition to being an electronic musician, I also am a radio show producer. I play quality ambient, neoclassical, and new age music on the weekly ambient music program The STOLACE RELAY STATION which currently airs on YouTube.

What sort of help?

Well I'm glad you asked. 😆 In addition to the obvious perk of having active listeners listening to your music on the program, I feature two artists each week on the show and their new album or EP. The new releases are promoted as feature segments on The Relay Station in addition to posted out on the primary social media platforms — Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, X, and Facebook.

Where do I sign up?

Slow your roll muchacho! A few essentials that you need to know before submitting your music! First, you need to have free and clear permission to use your music on the Relay Station as well as any promotional materials related to the program. (I also accept submissions from record labels!). Second, your music should be original and instrumental in nature, and fall somewhere in the categories of ambient, neoclassical, or atmospheric. New Age music and solo piano music is OK, but is not aired as frequently on The Relay Station as standard ambient, atmospheric, and neoclassical music is. If you've cleared that hurdle, lastly you must give me written permission to air your music on the radio program and to use it in promotional media. If we're square on all three of these qualifiers, you are free to submit your music below.


Submit Bandcamp codes or high resolution mp3 audio files using the artist submission form. Please make sure your audio files have good metadata to help us keep your music organized. Additionally, I prefer whole albums and EPs over singles — zip 'em up and send it my way. Your music is more likely to be seen in my massive catalog if you send albums and EPs as opposed to singles. AND LASTLY, IF YOU DISTRIBUTE YOUR MUSIC THROUGH CD BABY OR SONY CLASSICAL, please include a document that explicitly says you have given me permission to air your music on the program and in all promotional media.

artists: submit your music


Save time and energy, submit your artists and their material in bulk. You will need to supply artist names, and links to either .zip files, or alternatively Bandcamp download codes to download full albums, EPs, and singles. You are also welcome to email press releases and download links for artists that you've included in this form submission. Send those press releases and links to BY SENDING ME PRESS RELEASES WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS, YOU ARE GIVING ME PERMISSION TO PLAY THEIR MUSIC ON THE PROGRAM AND USE IT IN PROMO MATERIALS.

record labels: bulk submission

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