The STOLACE Relay Station


⨳ featuring ambient, neoclassical, and new age artists from around the world. ⨳

Attention stations and program directors!

Add global ambient music to your radio station's programming FOR FREE — subscribe to The STOLACE RELAY STATION distribution list...again, FREE! You'll receive weekly emails with upcoming episode information and a link to the cloud folder, where you can download the assets for each episode and prepare them for broadcast.

What do we receive?

You are provided all of the assets you need to air the program, promote it in comprehensive channels, and report on the music played.

a weekly email containing a summary of the program and a link to the program assets
320kbps m4a audio files split into three segments
space for two 60-second floating breaks in each 59-minute program
promotional images you can customize to promote the program
promotional audio and video files to air as 30-second promos on air and online (these have space toward the end to allow for customization to include your own time slots and station ID)
a cue sheet document (in Google Drive) detailing the playlist, transcript, artist info, promo text for social media, and more
access to Stolace-branded 30-second ads for related programming, services, or new music
sample promotional graphic sent to radio stations
A sample promotional graphic that comes with your FREE subscription

What's the catch if it's free?

There is no catch. As an independent ambient musician myself, I know first-hand the challenge of getting one's music out there and being heard. Both The Stolace Relay Station radio show and the Ambient Discourses podcast are my act of service to the larger community of ambient, neoclassical, and new age musicians — with the goal of getting more listeners in front of their music. If there's one thing I'd hope, is that someday someone would do the same for me and the music I create. My only ask in exchange is two-fold:

  1. Promote the show on your socials and your website. I've made this easier for you by including promotional graphics, audio, and video that you can further customize to your needs to promote the program while keeping you compliant with the Stolace brand.

  2. Run the Stolace-branded ads to help generate more awareness of and interest in the program, in some of the Stolace music releases, and other shows, programs, or services that we offer listeners and musicians alike. I believe they call that bartering in the 'biz'. 🤓

Still have questions? View the FAQ or contact me.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the episode release schedule?
Episodes are released weekly with no holiday breaks in programming. I do take one month off at the end of the season to prepare for the new season of episodes to further refine and improve the programming. You are free to play older episodes during the month of October when there is no new programming.

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What is the length of the program?
The show is 59 minutes in length (give or take up to 30 seconds) and includes two sixty-second breaks that you're free to use for station identification, ads, or other program fillers. Alternatively we have provided Relay Station branded ads that you're welcome to use instead during the breaks.

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When are the ad breaks for this show (program clock)?
There are two sixty-second breaks in the program. The first break is between minutes 16:00 and 22:00, and the second break is between minutes 36:00 and 42:00.

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Where can I find cue sheets for each episode?
Cue sheets are located in a folder with all of the digital assets for each episode. Look for a folder labeled "cue sheets" where you will find a PDF that contains the cue sheet. Each cue sheet contains the following information:

  • Original air date and episode number
  • Episode description that you can use for posts on your website or social media
  • A link to the live broadcast link (or archive if after the broadcast date) on YouTube
  • The featured artists and links to their Bandcamp page or their website
  • Ad break times (the minutes and seconds into the program when the breaks occur)
  • The names and song titles of next week's featured artists
  • A detailed cue sheet including segment lengths, start and stop times of audio clips and music, song titles, artist names, album titles, and promo/break timing.
  • Written transcripts of the spoken portions of this program, including music references with the artist, album, and song title included.

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Where do I find archived cue sheets from older episodes?
You can email your request. Please include the episode number to ensure a speedy turnaround [you can hear the episode number at the beginning of the program: "Transmission sequence: __ . __"]. If you cannot provide the episode number, it will take longer to process your request.

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What do I receive with each episode package?
As a subscriber to our syndicated program, weekly you receive a link to a Google Drive folder containing the following:

  • The program audio in .m4a format and broken into three segments*
  • Relay Station branded ads to optionally use during the 60-second breaks
  • Detailed cue sheet of the program contents, including transcripts, segment lengths, and artist information
  • Graphic, audio, and video files to aid in promoting the program

* the episodes are split into three segments, and are designed to have a 60-second break in between segments

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How can we acquire custom audio promotional segments, like custom station identification audio bumpers?
If you'd like custom station identification segments to use (e.g. "You're listening to The STOLACE RELAY STATION on KSJN, 99.5"), please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate any reasonable requests.

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Would you like to sign up for FREE to receive The Stolace Relay Station syndicated radio program**? ** The audio files sent are for commercial radio broadcast only. No personal use or further distribution of the audio files is permitted.