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Promote your album through the STOLACE | RELAY STATION

When you sign up for my album promotional services, you receive far and away more than Facebook or other social networks will provide you. For my low-cost promotional services, you receive:

A glowing album review

I will write an honest, positive review of your new full-length album or E.P. (approximately 150 words), which you'll receive a copy in written format to include in your press kit, your website, and your socials.

Promotional multimedia assets

That glowing review will be captured in a professional 60-second advertisement in both audio and video formats for use on your website and posting on your socials. I will also post your review on my socials, tagging you in the posts.

60-second ad on The Relay Station

And lastly your review will find a permanent home in one of the 60-second ad slots on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION videos on YouTube. So unlike all other advertisement services, your album review ad will remain.

Check out these example album reviews

Essential details about the album promo service


  • Available on streaming services and/or Bandcamp
  • At or near professional audio quality
  • A high resolution version of your album cover
  • Provide a press release or digital press kit that provides background information about the album

Your album may be rejected if it fails to meet this criteria. If you've ensured that your album has high quality audio, is available to stream or purchase, and have provided enough background information, we shouldn't have any issues then.

Details of what you receive

  • A written review (150 words or less) of your album that is both honest and positive
  • A 60-second audio and video file of the album review (for posting on your socials and website)
  • A companion promotional graphic to use with your written review
  • A permanent 60-second ad slot during one of the STOLACE | RELAY STATION episode ad breaks (on YouTube)
  • You are tagged in my social posts containing your album review

What I need from you

  • A copy of your album (either a Bandcamp YUM code, or alternatively a cloud-hosted download such as Google Drive)
  • A high resolution copy of your album cover
  • Background information on your album, such as a press release or digital press kit
  • Written permission to air your music (a digital document will suffice)

An important distinction!!!

What's the difference between the Featured Album segment on the Relay Station and the album promo services?

The Featured Album segment is initiated by me — when press releases come my way and I see an album that I'd like to feature on The Relay Station, I do so voluntarily and to generally line up with the theme for each episode. Whereas the album promotional services is initiated by you, and is a paid service. Your album promo is aired during the ad break on an episode of The STOLACE | RELAY STATION and not the featured album segment.

Ready to get started promoting your album?

Email the links to your assets

When you're ready to submit your album, send your links to the aforementioned assets along with any supplemental information (such as the album release date). If you're providing a Bandcamp link, ensure that you include an available YUM download code. If you're providing a cloud download link, ensure that all the required assets are there.

Email your assets to:

Initial quality control check

When I have received your assets, I will do an initial quality check on your album to make sure that it's at a reasonable level of quality. If your album is approved, I will contact you with next steps and send you an invoice to collect the modest fee for my services. In the event that your album was not approved, I will reach out to notify you, to let you know on what grounds your album wasn't approved, and if appropriate, some suggestions to improve the likelihood of approval.

If your album has been approved...

You will receive an invoice from me through PayPal for a modest $30 USD. Please remit your payment for my promotional services — your album review will be completed within two to three weeks, and you will receive a link to all the promotional assets. You will also be tagged in my social posts with your album review. It's that simple!

Let's get started promoting your new album!

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