Episode 04.02 // feat. Morning Haze & Ceramic

Show theme: Italian ambient and neoclassical artists

In this episode of The STOLACE RELAY STATION, make sure your passport is up to date — we are taking a collective field trip to the picturesque landscape of Italy, where we're going to showcase some fantastic Italian ambient and neoclassical works. My featured Italian artist on the program is Morning Haze with a fantastic track from their latest album Ominous Ascent . We're also featuring a new album release from Ceramic later on in the program that I think you're going to enjoy. Plus the music of Entheogenic Sound Explorers, PCM, Andrea Bacci, shedir, Sacrobosco, Roe, and ILUITEQ.


Morning Haze



[0:01:29] “Re-turn” by Entheogenic Sound Explorers from “Path to Myth”
[0:08:44] “R.E.M. Phase” by PCM from “Dreamland”
[0:12:20] Promo: support
[0:12:38] “Nostalgia” by Andrea Bacci from “Mystic”
[0:17:11] Featured artist segment: Morning Haze
[0:18:12] “Another Truth” by Morning Haze from “Ominous Ascent”
[0:21:11] “Deer Fluent In The Wind (Feat. Guido Tabone)” by shedir from “Before The Last Light is Blown”
[0:27:07] “Faint” by Sacrobosco from “IVXVI”
[0:34:11] “Vostok 89606” by Roe from “Et Cetera”
[0:39:35] Featured album: “Now That You’re Here” by Ceramic
[0:40:49] “We’re Not Lost” by Ceramic from “Now That You’re Here”
[0:45:59] “Don’t Runaway” by ILUITEQ from “Reflections Revisited”
[0:51:25] Promo: mailing list
[0:51:44] “Mon La Hire” by Stolace from “Relay Station // Artemis, Vol 2”
[0:57:57] Closing credits

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