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Episodes tagged with "Dobrawa Czocher"

  • Episode 5.09 // Featuring ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà and Laura Masotto | March 3, 2024

    In today's stream we're launching out into fantastic cinematic and atmospheric soundscapes, and I've got two featured artists on the program that fit the bill. We're showcasing the brand new collaborative release from Italian ambient power houses ILUITEQ and Lorenzo Montanà with a fantastic collaborative album on the n5md record label; and Italian violinist Laura Masotto takes us on a shamanic trip with her cinematic sophomore release. Plus music from Ashramus, Henrik Meierkord, Safir Nou, and many more... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.

  • Episode 5.01 // January 7, 2024

    It's the first live streamed program in Season Five, kicking off the year 2024 with some fantastic music from Neighborhood Libraries, Robert Rich, AITIA, Dobrawa Czocher, Aiko Takahashi, and more. You can find the full playlist here and in the description on the video. If there is music you'd like to hear for next time, please drop the artist and track name in the comments! Musicians, be sure to submit your new ambient and neoclassical music on my artist page. I'd love to give your music a spin!

  • Episode 4.04 // feat. Dobrawa Czocher & William St. Hugh

    In this episode of The STOLACE RELAY STATION, grab a bowl of popcorn, your best movie watching blanket, and prepare yourself for cinema of the mind. Our theme for this program is cinematic and orchestral music within the ambient and neoclassical genres, offering fertile ground for the imagination to come up with its own screenplay. Our featured artist on the program is Dobrawa Czocher from Poland, and our featured album comes to us from William St. Hugh in the state of Massachusetts here in the United States. Plus the music of Robert Rich, Andrea Bacci, Piotr Janeczek, Ocoeur, Högni, Hania Rani, and AITIA.