Episode 04.04 // feat. Dobrawa Czocher & William St. Hugh

Show theme: Cinematic & orchestral music

Show description

In this episode of The STOLACE RELAY STATION, grab a bowl of popcorn, your best movie watching blanket, and prepare yourself for cinema of the mind. Our theme for this program is cinematic and orchestral music within the ambient and neoclassical genres, offering fertile ground for the imagination to come up with its own screenplay. Our featured artist on the program is Dobrawa Czocher from Poland, and our featured album comes to us from William St. Hugh in the state of Massachusetts here in the United States. Plus the music of Robert Rich, Andrea Bacci, Piotr Janeczek, Ocoeur, Högni, Hania Rani, and AITIA.


Dobrawa Czocher
William St. Hugh



[0:01:33] “Writing on Water” by Robert Rich from “Travelers’ Cloth”
[0:08:07] “Drops” by Andrea Bacci from “Deep Focus (compilation from Heart Dance Records)”
[0:11:11] Promo: mailing list
[0:11:29] “Aeon” by Piotr Janeczek from “Ambient and Cinematic Soundscapes”
[0:19:26] AD BREAK
[0:20:26] Featured artist segment: Dobrawa Czocher
[0:21:22] “Dawn” by Dobrawa Czocher from “Biodiversity”
[0:24:37] “Nouveau Départ” by Ocoeur from “Nouveau Départ”
[0:29:59] “Elegy (ft. Hallveig Rúnarsdottir)” by Högni from “Katla (Music from the Netflix Television series)”
[0:32:33] “Whispering House feat. Olafur Arnalds” by Hania Rani from “Ghosts”
[0:37:06] AD BREAK
[0:38:06] Featured album segment: “High Upon the Serpent Mound” by William St. Hugh
[0:39:20] “Outline of Being” by William St Hugh from “High Upon the Serpent Mound”
[0:44:10] “White Hole” by AITIA from “ENA”
[0:50:22] Promo: music
[0:50:42] “Transcendence” by Stolace from “Relay Station IX”

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