Episode 05.09 // feat. ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà & Laura Masotto

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In today's stream we're launching out into fantastic cinematic and atmospheric soundscapes, and I've got two featured artists on the program that fit the bill. We're showcasing the brand new collaborative release from Italian ambient power houses ILUITEQ and Lorenzo Montanà with a fantastic collaborative album on the n5md record label; and Italian violinist Laura Masotto takes us on a shamanic trip with her cinematic sophomore release. Plus music from Ashramus, Henrik Meierkord, Safir Nou, and many more... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà
Laura Masotto



[0:00:33] Introduction
[0:02:09] “Sesutei” by AshRamus from “Awakened by the Light”
[0:06:50] “Antagonist” by Henrik Meierkord from “Proscenium”
[0:11:26] “Sensory Overload” by Safir Nou from “Sensory Overload” [0:17:17] “Balloons (feat. Clariloops)” by Six Missing from “counter:point”
[0:21:06] “SUN” by Telekaster from “Tracing Back the Stream”
[0:26:51] “Polar Lights” by Thalictroa from “It Has Been Raining” [0:34:18] FEATURE: ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà
[0:35:47] “Pneuma” by ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà from “Katà Métron”
[0:42:02] “Blue Marble Rain” by Sonic Dream Machine from “The Sacred Forest”
[0:45:03] “A Room of One’s Own” by Ed Herbers from “Coming of Age”
[0:48:25] “Eternal Voyage (feat. Amy Wallace, Mouad Abbad)” by The Missing Note from “Symphonic Reverie - An Orchestral Journey”
[0:53:54] “Frozen Waste” by Daryl Groetsch from “Frozen Waste”
[1:02:22] “Alone (single)” by Leafblighter from “Alone (single)”
[1:05:44] “We try, by choice, not to give answers (breathing spell)” by Radboud Mens & Fernando José Pereira fromn “The Inoperative Suspension of a Stoppage”
[1:18:08] “Red Planet” by Staeppanwulf from “Eternal Returns: Selected Isolationist Works 21-23”
[1:24:04] “Impalpable imperishable being” by Trystaria from “A world; a glimmer, a flower” [1:33:47] “Tender to Touch” by Hot Air Balloons from “Imaginary North Transmission 005”
[1:37:58] FEATURE: Laura Masotto
[1:39:39] “Labirinto” by Laura Masotto from “The Spirit of Things”
[1:45:25] “Opus 85” by Allen Constantine from “Opus ‘85”
[1:49:47] “Contrappunto della Mente (Counterpoint of the Mind)” by Carlo Matti from “Ritratto”
[1:53:08] “Flutter (single)” by Carlos Maya from “Flutter (single)”
[1:57:16] “Dawn” by Dobrawa Czocher from “Biodiversity”
[2:00:36] “Traversée” by Ocouer from “Nouveau Départ”
[2:06:41] “Slow Beethoven - Radio Edit 2” by The Tank Center for Sonic Arts from “Slow Beethoven”
[2:13:19] “Bamboo Uher” by Will Samson from “Harp Swells”
[2:21:00] “Dreamless Sleep 1” by Absence from “Empty Sky”
[2:34:42] “Beneath Glass Mountain” by Stolace from “Relay Station // 2021 / Décembre”

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