Episode 5.06 // Featuring City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer & Karasvana and M. Cross Dougherty | February 11, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:01:00] Introduction [0:02:34] “Låtsaskompis” by Rotating Tapes from “1” [0:07:42] “Jettisoned” by s28 from “TS-12” [0:12:30] “Blanche” by Six O’Matic from “De Sidera” [0:19:34] “Leggeri Come Cenere” by Andrea Burelli from “De Sidera” [0:23:48] “Ophelia” by Mining from “Chimet” [0:38:42] // feature: City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Karasvana [0:40:04] “On Seashores of Endless Worlds” by City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Karasvana from “The Journeying Sun” [0:45:30] “Zoned Out” by DataBladeKnight from “Homeless Camp”

Episode 5.01 // January 7, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:01:29] Andrea Burelli - Natura Domina [0:06:25] MINING - Petrichor [0:12:16] Laura Masotto - Dark Horse [0:15:42] Neighborhood Libraries - MIdnight Sun [0:21:27] AITIA - We’ll Be Here Again [0:26:03] Hiram - From Within [0:30:24] Nolan Brewer - Sky Village [0:33:26] Doeke - Kosmos (Cosmos) [0:26:26] Allen Constantine - Dust [0:39:10] Carlos Maya - Daylight [0:41:45] Bill Seaman, Tim Diagram, Stephen Spera - Earth Trio [0:45:30] Aiko Takahashi - It Could Have Been A Beautiful Evening

Episode 4.08 // feat. Memory Scale & Mesmer

PLAYLIST [0:01:34] “The Stillness Within” by Michael Martinez from “The Stillness Within” [0:05:14] “Then, just after the snowfall” by Kilometre Club from “Then” [0:10:38] “Snow Covered Landscape” by Daryl Groetsch from “Frozen Waste” [0:17:36] “The Inner Light” by Arrival in Eden from “Future Tales, Past Tales” [0:21:21] Featured artist: Memory Scale [0:22:10] “Sleep Onset” by Memory Scale from “And All Things Begin to Drift” [0:28:11] “LIghtness” by Andrea Bacci from “Mystic”

Episode 4.05 // feat. Brian Fechino & Aiko Takahashi

PLAYLIST [0:01:38] “River Speak, Pt 2” by Don Latarski from “Deep Focus compilation album” [0:08:33] “Without You (ft. Lander Combs)” by Nolan Brewer from “Tomorrow is Another Day” [0:10:25] Promo: mailing list [0:10:45] “Sleep Onset” by Memory Scale from “And All Things Begin to Drift” [0:17:52] Featured artist: Brian Fechino [0:19:40] “Quiet Steps” by Brian Fechino from “Reflection Spaces Vol. 2” [0:24:12] “Danza De Cuerpos Celestes” by Entidad Animada from “Ensayo Pulso Nocturno”