Episode 04.05 // feat. Brian Fechino & Aiko Takahashi

Show theme: ambient guitar

Show description

In this episode of The STOLACE RELAY STATION, we set our sights on the more tranquil end of guitar-driven music in the ambient genre, the domain of lush reverbs, tape loops and delays, liquid-like tone, and contemplative melodies and phrases. Our featured artist on the program is Brian Fechino, a versatile and expressive ambient guitarist from Nashville in the United States, plus we feature the latest album from the innovative Japanese sound artist Aiko Takahashi. Plus the music of Don Latarski, Nolan Brewer, Memory Scale, Entidad Animada, Dallas David Ochoa, Avenue Azure, and City of Dawn.


Brian Fechino
Aiko Takahashi



[0:01:38] “River Speak, Pt 2” by Don Latarski from “Deep Focus compilation album”
[0:08:33] “Without You (ft. Lander Combs)” by Nolan Brewer from “Tomorrow is Another Day”
[0:10:25] Promo: mailing list
[0:10:45] “Sleep Onset” by Memory Scale from “And All Things Begin to Drift”
[0:17:52] Featured artist: Brian Fechino
[0:19:40] “Quiet Steps” by Brian Fechino from “Reflection Spaces Vol. 2”
[0:24:12] “Danza De Cuerpos Celestes” by Entidad Animada from “Ensayo Pulso Nocturno”
[0:29:09] “Adrift” by Dallas David Ochoa from “Sirens & Sigils”
[0:31:57] “River Chorale” by Avenue Azure from “Avenue Azure”
[0:41:45] Featured album: “It Could Have Been A Beautiful” by Aiko Takahashi
[0:43:02] “It Could Have Been A Beautiful Evening” by Aiko Takahashi from “It Could Have Been A Beautiful”
[0:49:31] “A House Covered with Dawn” by City of Dawn from “Transient Lounge”
[0:53:16] Promo: music
[0:53:35] “I 2 I” by Stolace from “Relay Station I”

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