Episode 05.06 // feat. City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer & Karasvana & M. Cross Dougherty

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In this episode of The Relay Station, I'm featuring a gorgeous track from the brand new collaboration from City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer and Karasvana, and a dip into the quantum level with M. Cross Dougherty. Plus music from s28, Rotating Tapes, Andrea Burelli, Deepriver, Hania Rani, Doeke, Don Latarski, Cass Anawaty & Brian Fechino, Six Missing, and many more.


City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer & Karasvana
M. Cross Dougherty



[0:01:00] Introduction
[0:02:34] “Låtsaskompis” by Rotating Tapes from “1”
[0:07:42] “Jettisoned” by s28 from “TS-12”
[0:12:30] “Blanche” by Six O’Matic from “De Sidera”
[0:19:34] “Leggeri Come Cenere” by Andrea Burelli from “De Sidera”
[0:23:48] “Ophelia” by Mining from “Chimet”
[0:38:42] // feature: City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Karasvana
[0:40:04] “On Seashores of Endless Worlds” by City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Karasvana from “The Journeying Sun”
[0:45:30] “Zoned Out” by DataBladeKnight from “Homeless Camp”
[0:54:58] “Home” by Deepriver from “Volume One”
[0:59:46] “Mezzogiorno (12pm)” by Domy Castellano from “End of Summer”
[1:03:40] “Forest Floor” by Ed Herbers from “Migration”
[1:09:27] “Unbecoming” by Gordon Harvey from “Unbecoming”
[1:14:09] “Komeda” by Hania Rani from “Ghosts”
[1:26:35] “The Great Before” by AITIA from “ENA”
[1:39:59] // feature: M. Cross Dougherty
[1:35:20] “Uncertainty in Time” by M. Cross Dougherty from “Particles/Waves”
[1:39:42] “The Gambit” by Peter Calandra from “The Blue Light”
[1:43:04] “Dov’eì l’Orsa Maggiore (‘Where is Ursa Major’)” by Carlo Matti from “Ritratto”
[1:46:44] “Kosmos (Cosmos)” by Doeke from “Kosmos (Cosmos)”
[1:50:24] “Blueberry Morning” by Don Latarski from “Verity”
[1:54:20] “Beyond the Peak” by Cass Anawaty & Brian Fechino from “Deep Focus”
[1:58:58] “Always” by Six Missing from “Here for Now”
[2:05:35] “Red Dwarf Star” by Entheogenic Sound Explorers from “The Fifth Dimension”
[2:11:37] “Voices” by Efliz from “Scattered”
[2:17:45] “Down the Primrose Path” by Somni451 from “The Eighteen Minute Gap”
[2:24:54] “Illucid” by spectrical from “Fleeting visions into sleep”
[2:28:13] “Three Kinds of Dusk” by Sonaura from “Noumena”
[2:32:05] “The Gift of the Stars (spoken word)” and “Artemis” by Stolace from “Relay Station // Artemis, Vol 3”

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