Episode 04.03 // feat. Doeke & Allen Constantine

Show theme: Piano music

Show description

In this episode of The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, we drink in the emotive landscapes and sentimental vistas of piano music within the neoclassical, new age, and ambient genres. Our feature artist on the program is Doeke from the Netherlands, and we feature the brand new album from Romanian composer Allen Constantine. Plus the music of Michael Martinez, Alaskan Tapes, Carlo Matti, David Hall, Foam and Sand, Vetle Naero, Sonaura, Ross Christopher, Peter Calandra, and Ocoeur.


Allen Constantine



[0:01:23] “Time Dance” by Michael Martinez from “The Stillness Within”
[0:04:25] “10-13 (Piano Improvisation 1)” by Alaskan Tapes & LUCHS from “After the Flood”
[0:08:50] “Valzer della Principessa (Princess Waltz)” by Carlo Matti from “Ritratto”
[0:12:48] Promo: support
[0:13:08] “We Run With Horses” by David Hall from “We Run With Horses”
[0:16:22] AD BREAK
[0:17:22] Feature: Doeke
[0:19:02] “Sterrenhemel (Starry Sky)” by Doeke from “Sterrenhemel (Starry Sky)”
[0:20:56] “Circle 32 (with Priscilla Ahn)” by Foam and Sand from “Foam and Sand”
[0:24:51] “In Between” by Vetle Nærø from “From Moments”
[0:28:42] “Flashback” by Sonaura from “Noumena”
[0:32:36] “Delphi” by Ross Christopher from “The Eternal Nature of Temporary Things”
[0:37:30] AD BREAK
[0:38:30] Featured album: “Opus'85” by Allen Constantine
[0:39:43] “Eclipse” by Allen Constantine from “Opus'85”
[0:43:47] “The Highlands” by Peter Calandra from “The Blue Light”
[0:49:10] “Transformation” by Ocoeur from “Transformation”
[0:53:30] Promo: website
[0:53:50] “I’m Still Here” by Stolace from “Whispers in the Wind, Echos of Solitude (EP)”

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