Episode 04.07 // feat. Kate Moore & Hania Rani

Show theme: winter solstice vibes

Show description

In this episode of The STOLACE RELAY STATION, we're pausing for a moment of quiet reflection as we approach the winter solstice, celebrating it with love, light, and life. Our theme on the program is music that helps set the scene for this contemplative time of year. Our featured artist on the program is Kate Moore from the Netherlands. We also feature the brand new album from Polish composer and pianist Hania Rani. Plus the music of Ceramic, Sherry Finzer, Ocoeur, Neighborhood Libraries, Gordon Harvey, Charles Szczepanek, Allen Constantine, and AITIA


Kate Moore
Hania Rani



[0:01:32] “Let’s Head Back” by Ceramic from “Now That You’re Here”
[0:06:39] “The Empress Within” by Sherry Finzer from “The Gratitude Project”
[0:12:20] Promo: mailing list
[0:12:40] “L’éveil” by Ocoeur from “Nouveau Départ”
[0:20:01] Featured artist: Kate Moore
[0:21:06] “Prelude” by Kate Moore from “Ridgeway”
[0:25:01] “The House is Quiet” by Neighborhood Libraries from “Postcards from the Backyard”
[0:28:15] “Bellwether” by Gordon Harvey from “Unbecoming”
[0:33:06] “The Stillness of Water” by Charles Szczepanek from “Moments of Reflection”
[0:35:29] “Limitless” by Allen Constantine from “Opus ‘85”
[0:39:32] “Ghosts” by Hania Rani
[0:40:48] “The Boat” by Hania Rani from “Ghosts”
[0:47:45] “Stellar Nursery” by AITIA from “ANE”
[0:52:55] Promo: music
[0:53:14] “Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Stolace from “Relay Station // 2021 / Octobre”

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