Episode 05.15 // feat. Kiasmos & Andersson + Meierkord

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In today's program we have two unique collaborations from the hybrid worlds of electronic, neoclassical, and ambient music. My featured artists on the program are Kiasmos, the collaboration between Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen, and a collab between ambient cellist Henrik Meierkord and guitarist Pelle Andersson. They have new music out that we'll be showcasing later on the program. Plus music from Jason Blake, Jan Uve, Laura Masotto, Nova Loka, Six Missing and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Andersson + Meierkord



[0:01:02] Introduction
[0:02:37] “Ikigai” by Jan Uve from “Ikigai (single)”
[0:06:14] “The Duality of Breath” by Jason Blake from “Wayfarer Records Sampler: Volume One”
[0:11:25] “In the Willows (with Willebrant)” by Kilometre Club from “An Alphabet of Distance”
[0:18:17] “Part 4” by Danny Clay from “No More Darkness, No More Night”
[0:22:01] “Amber” by Angel from “Lifecolours”
[0:27:45] “Sleepy Sunday” by Brannan Lane from “The Sleep Album”
[0:32:03] “Wind in Trees” by Gollden & Willows8ng from “Bathe In Colour”
[0:42:41] Feature: Kiasmos [0:44:09] “Flown” by Kiasmos from “Flown (EP)”
[0:48:01] “Astral Reverie” by Mirai No Hagaki & TL30 from “Lunar Illusions”
[0:52:38] “Balloons (ft. Clariloops)” by Six Missing from “counter: point”
[0:56:36] “Saturday Morning Haze” by Oberlin from “The Softest Lace”
[1:14:58] “It Could Have Ben a Beautiful Afternoon” by Aiko Takahashi from “It Could Have Been A Beautiful”
[1:31:23] Feature Andersson / Meierkord
[1:32:58] “Skimrande fält” by Andersson / Meierkord from “Metamorfos”
[1:40:37] “North” by Laura Masotto from “The Spirit of Things”
[1:43:52] “Awake” by The Moon Mountaineer from “Songs The Night Bird Taught Me”
[1:47:11] “Yellow Boots in the Yard” by Neighborhood Libraries from “Postcards from the Backyard”
[1:52:08] “Beacons” by Nova Loka from “REQUIEM - In Memorium of Gordon Harvey”
[2:00:52] “Shasta Harp” by Otorongo from “Aquatic Embrace”
[2:04:01] “Spaces | Prelude (part two)” by Stolace from “Spaces | Prelude”

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