Episode 5.07 // Featuring Rotating Tapes and Hiram | February 18, 2024

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Episode 5.06 // Featuring City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer & Karasvana and M. Cross Dougherty | February 11, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:01:00] Introduction [0:02:34] “Låtsaskompis” by Rotating Tapes from “1” [0:07:42] “Jettisoned” by s28 from “TS-12” [0:12:30] “Blanche” by Six O’Matic from “De Sidera” [0:19:34] “Leggeri Come Cenere” by Andrea Burelli from “De Sidera” [0:23:48] “Ophelia” by Mining from “Chimet” [0:38:42] // feature: City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Karasvana [0:40:04] “On Seashores of Endless Worlds” by City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Karasvana from “The Journeying Sun” [0:45:30] “Zoned Out” by DataBladeKnight from “Homeless Camp”

Episode 5.05 // Featuring s28 & Annie Aries | February 4, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:01:05] Introduction [0:03:13] “Fallings” by Russel Burden & Craig Tattersall from “Diagenesis” [0:14:12] “Faint” by Sacrobosco from “IVXVI” [0:21:16] “Dripping Force” by Shinkiro from “Stalaktos” [0:24:41] “Out of Nowhere” by Thorny from “See No Sky” [0:31:56] Feature 1: s28 [0:33:10] “The Yawning Meow of the Universe” by s28 from “TS-12” [0:42:00] “Guérison” by Ocoeur from “Nouveau Départ” [0:50:10] “All Beings Are One” by Nova Loka from “REQUIEM - In Memorium of Gordon Harvey”

Episode 5.04 // Featuring Benoît Pioulard & Offthesky and Carl Lord | January 28, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:00:34] Introduction [0:02:21] Brian Fechino - Flying Low @BrianFechino [0:06:24] Ceramic - Now That You’re Here [0:10:16] David Young - Soliloquy @DavidYoungMusicVideos [0:18:04] Emmalee Crane - Fraction Amber [0:22:31] Gregory Paul Mineeff - This Could Be The End @cosmicleafofficial [0:25:25] Hania Rani - Whispering House feat. Olafur Arnalds @gondwanarecords @haniaranimusic @olafurarnalds [0:31:10] Benoît Pioulard & Offthesky - Stray Bullet @b.pioulard @offthesky [0:37:44] Between - Paused [0:44:48] Last Days - Arrival

Episode 5.03 // Featuring Six Missing & Nova Loka | January 21, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:01:07] Program Start [0:03:15] Taylor Deupree - Moonless [0:07:41] Carl Lord - Hearing [0:11:33] Evening Ocean - By Your Side [0:16:43] Daryl Groetsch - Snow Covered Landscape [0:23:55] Neighborhood Libraries - Sunset at New Brighton [0:30:00] Arrival in Eden - Eschatology [0:40:01] Tristan Bres - Sky Rider [0:44:16] Six Missing - Guidance [0:50:06] Glacial Anatomy - Mirage [0:56:04] Andrea Burelli - In Pezzi Sopra La Tua Pelle [0:59:41] Various Artists - City of Dawn - Million Sunflake Sparkles

Episode 5.02 // Featuring Iu Takahashi & Glacial Anatomy | January 14, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:02:05] s28 - Liftoff [0:06:29] Sacrobosco - Aerials [0:09:47] shedir - The Companionable Ills [0:13:36] Michael Kastrup - Elegance [0:24:12] Nuit Modulaire - Echoes Of The World - Abstract #5 [0:29:08] Kilometre Club - hiding in the clouds [0:34:41] iu takahashi - Asleep / Sea [0:41:34] Högni - Anda Þinn Guð (ft. Hatis Noit) [0:43:29] Hania Rani - Nostalgia [0:46:49] Gordon Harvey - Palimpsest [0:52:22] Eafhm - Waning Quarter (Aiôn Lazura Assimilation)

Episode 5.01 // January 7, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:01:29] Andrea Burelli - Natura Domina [0:06:25] MINING - Petrichor [0:12:16] Laura Masotto - Dark Horse [0:15:42] Neighborhood Libraries - MIdnight Sun [0:21:27] AITIA - We’ll Be Here Again [0:26:03] Hiram - From Within [0:30:24] Nolan Brewer - Sky Village [0:33:26] Doeke - Kosmos (Cosmos) [0:26:26] Allen Constantine - Dust [0:39:10] Carlos Maya - Daylight [0:41:45] Bill Seaman, Tim Diagram, Stephen Spera - Earth Trio [0:45:30] Aiko Takahashi - It Could Have Been A Beautiful Evening

Episode 4.08 // feat. Memory Scale & Mesmer

PLAYLIST [0:01:34] “The Stillness Within” by Michael Martinez from “The Stillness Within” [0:05:14] “Then, just after the snowfall” by Kilometre Club from “Then” [0:10:38] “Snow Covered Landscape” by Daryl Groetsch from “Frozen Waste” [0:17:36] “The Inner Light” by Arrival in Eden from “Future Tales, Past Tales” [0:21:21] Featured artist: Memory Scale [0:22:10] “Sleep Onset” by Memory Scale from “And All Things Begin to Drift” [0:28:11] “LIghtness” by Andrea Bacci from “Mystic”

Episode 4.05 // feat. Brian Fechino & Aiko Takahashi

PLAYLIST [0:01:38] “River Speak, Pt 2” by Don Latarski from “Deep Focus compilation album” [0:08:33] “Without You (ft. Lander Combs)” by Nolan Brewer from “Tomorrow is Another Day” [0:10:25] Promo: mailing list [0:10:45] “Sleep Onset” by Memory Scale from “And All Things Begin to Drift” [0:17:52] Featured artist: Brian Fechino [0:19:40] “Quiet Steps” by Brian Fechino from “Reflection Spaces Vol. 2” [0:24:12] “Danza De Cuerpos Celestes” by Entidad Animada from “Ensayo Pulso Nocturno”

Episode 3.47 // feat. Eydis Evensen & Sherry Finzer

PLAYLIST [0:01:37] “Azure Granite” (single) by Nikki C [0:05:30] “At Bay” by Maddy Briggs from “Late Night Swim” [0:12:01] “Solitary” by Kirsty Hawkshaw from “The Ice Castle” [0:19:30] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Eydís Evensen [0:20:39] “Near Ending” by Eydís Evensen from “The Light” [0:25:14] “Prelude” by Kate Moore from “Ridgeway” [0:29:10] “Glissando Railing” by Emmalee Crane from “Crowd of Reeds” [0:33:27] “Invisible Prayers” by Diane Wheeler Dunn from “Elfin Footfalls” [0:38:11] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Sherry Finzer

Episode 3.45 // feat. Staeppanwulf & ILUITEQ

PLAYLIST [0:01:28] “Near the Mountains” by Vivarium from “Etudes” [0:04:33] “Diadem of long-vanished anticipation I” by Trystaria from “On that which remains only in withering memory” [edited for program length] [0:12:23] “Tear my soul apart” (single) by Offside Mind [0:17:00] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Staeppanwulf [0:19:04] “On a Different Cloud” by Staeppanwulf from “Polaris Vol. 3: Live Atmospheres & Soundscapes” [0:28:13] “At Glacial Peak” by Chris Kuborn from “Lands Never Seen”

Episode 3.44 // feat. Hogni & Arrival in Eden

PLAYLIST [0:01:27] “Orangerie” by Kristen Miller from “Parisian Sketches” [0:05:50] “17.03.22” by Eydís Evensen from “The Light” [0:09:19] “Mittelalter” by Henrik Meierkord from “Geschichten” [0:17:26] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Högni [0:19:14] “Gratandi Jeg thig Beiði” by Högni from “Katla (Soundtrack from the Netflix Series)” [0:21:31] “The Passage (Ocoeur remix)” by ILUITEQ from “Reflections Revisited” [0:24:18] “Entwined Memories” by Shinkiro from “Stalaktos” [0:32:16] “Nebraska” by Thorny from “Mostly Gray” [0:37:28] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Arrival in Eden

Episode 3.43 // feat. Will Samson & Ceramic

PLAYLIST [0:01:27] “Amongst the Sequoias” by Retland from “Mazama” [0:05:25] “Endless River” by Launaea from “Rivers” [0:10:31] “Orbital” by Violeta Vicci from “Cavaglia” [0:17:27] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Will Samson [0:19:05] “And Yet” by Will Samson from “Harp Swells” [0:22:07] “The Freedom of Letting Go” by Nova Loka from “And then the sun came out…” [0:28:29] “Awakened” by PCM from “Dreamland” [0:31:59] “The Empty Page” by Tom Eaton from “weathering” [0:40:08] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Ceramic

Episode 3.42 // feat. Thorny & Somni451

PLAYLIST [0:01:32] “Dreamland” by PCM from “Dreamland” [0:05:40] “Searching for a Signal” by s28 from “Somnus” [0:11:58] “Deposition” by Shinkiro from “Stalaktos” [0:18:54] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Thorny [0:20:52] “Inner Space” by Thorny from “See No Sky” [0:25:23] “Hermetic Song” by Staeppanwulf from “Filosofia” [0:28:40] “Constance” by Stellia from “Phonography” [0:35:38] “Arose” (single) by Dawn of a New World [0:39:19] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Somni451 [0:40:16] “Down the Primrose Path” by Somni451 from “The Eighteen Minute Gap”

Episode 3.41 // feat. Allen Constantine & Robert Rich

PLAYLIST [0:01:32] “Circle 35 (with Stewart Cole)” by Foam and Sand from “Foam and Sand” [0:06:06] “Snow Covered Landscape” by Daryl Groetsch from “Frozen Waste” [0:14:05] “Trees Grow Quietly” by City of Dawn from “Transient Lounge” [0:20:40] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Allen Constantine [0:22:49] “Louder than Words” by Allen Constantine from “Louder than Words” [0:25:33] “Higher Purpose” by Morning Haze from “Ominous Ascent” [0:28:40] “Taghrid” (single) by Morouj [0:31:36] “Burgmüller Astral Travels” by Nova Loka from “Losing the Foothold of Earth”

Episode 3.36 // feat. Nova Loka & Trystaria

PLAYLIST [0:01:34] “Caralin” by Violeta Vicci from “Cavaglia” [0:06:22] “Trauma” by Henrik Meierkord from “Geschichten” [0:11:33] “Reef” by Gordon Harvey from “Unbecoming” [0:17:18] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Nova Loka [0:19:11] “So, So Far From Home” by Nova Loka from “Losing the Foothold of Earth” [0:27:50] “Flow” by Piotr Janeczek from “Ambient and Cinematic Soundscapes” [0:32:58] “Breath” by Andrea Bacci from “Perceptions, Vol 2” [0:37:04] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Trystaria [0:38:49] “Elapsed Moments” by Trystaria from “On that which remains only in withering memory”

Episode 3.31 // feat. Deepriver & M. Cross Dougherty

PLAYLIST [0:01:55] “Waning into the Aether” by Trystaria from “A World; A Glimmer; A Flower” [0:07:12] “Found in Silence” by ILUITEQ from “Reflections from the Road” [0:12:15] “Daydreamer National Park” by Kilometre Club from “Imaginary North Transmission 004” [0:17:41] INTRO FEATURE ARTIST: Deepriver [0:19:26] “Tides” by Deepriver from “Volume One” [0:23:14] “Czupel” by MIT from “Przybliżenia” [0:28:22] “Xiimbal” by Entheogenic Sound Explorers from “Path to Myth” [0:34:07] “D2 Odda Delf” (abridged version) by Craven Faults from “Standers”