Episode 05.16 // feat. Masaya Ozaki & Thorny

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In today's program I have two artists that are going to transport you from where you're seated to another place and time, setting an ambient and atmospheric stage for your imagination. My featured artists on the program are Masaya Ozaki with a brand new release exploring their time in Iceland, and Thorny taking us through a space of reflection on the flooding that occurred in Central Vermont. Plus music from Andrew Schoen, Billy Denk, Evening Ocean, Rotating Tapes, ILUITEQ and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Masaya Ozaki



[0:01:00] Introduction
[0:02:34] “OTHERness (Reprise)” by Andrew Schoen from “Wayfarer Records Sampler: Volume One” [0:08:50] “Shadow Work” by Billy Denk from “Meditations of the Cosmos”
[0:14:02] “This Was Ours” by Evening Ocean from “The Great Love” [0:19:42] “Drömsekvens” by Rotating Tapes from “1”
[0:28:15] “Leafs” by Arrival in Eden from “Future Tales, Past Tales”
[0:33:37] “Archè” by ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà from “Katà Métron”
[0:38:46] Feature: Masaya Ozaki [0:40:28] “Skerpla” by Masaya Ozaki from “Mizukara”
[0:44:00] “Waterways” by Imagine the Sea from “Imaginary North, Transmission 007”
[0:47:49] “Awake / Lakeside” by Iu Takahashi from “Sense / Margin”
[0:52:30] “Sunday” by Le Code from “Sunday”
[0:59:25] “Early Rise” by Raphah from “Still Journey”
[1:03:15] “Forest Floor” by Ed Herbers from “Migration”
[1:08:57] “Leviathan Aura” by Entheogenic Sound Explorers from “The Fifth Dimension”
[1:19:40] “Rainy Daze” by Brannan Lane from “The Sleep Album”
[1:24:25] Feature: Thorny
[1:25:46] “The View From Above” by Thorny from “Flood”
[1:35:00] “Belt of Venus” by Sherry Finzer & Elise from “Phenomena”
[1:40:14] “Aurora II” by M. Cross Dougherty from “Turning Point”
[1:45:00] “Fever Dreams” by Ross Christopher from “The Eternal Nature of Temporary Things”
[1:51:44] “Guppar.” by Rotating Tapes from “Guppar.”
[2:04:25] “Meso” by Stolace from “Atmos”

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