Episode 05.18 // feat. Clone Rainbow & Marco Lucchi + Henrik Meierkord

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In today's program I've got two dream-inducing artists with brand new releases that are a must for your ambient playlists. My first featured artist on the program is Clone Rainbow with their brand new Imaginary North release, and my second featured artists are no strangers to collaboration — the prolific Henrik Meierkord and Marco Lucchi. Plus music from Billy Denk, Domy Castellano, Ed Herbers, M. Cross Dougherty, and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Clone Rainbow
Marco Lucchi + Henrik Meierkord



[0:00:50] Introduction
[0:02:35] “Winds of the Gods” by Billy Denk from “Meditations of the Cosmos”
[0:08:17] “Flumen (Solo Version)” by Domy Castellano from “Notturni, Vol. 3”
[0:10:20] “Cruising Altitude” by Ed Herbers from “Upper Atmosphere” [0:16:24] “Ancient Ruins” by Eliche Remblon from “Ancient Ruins (single)”
[0:18:50] “Recur” by Taylor Deupree from “Sti.ll”
[0:28:53] “Timely Bliss (feat. Clariloops)” by Six Missing from “counter:point”
[0:32:58] “Desatita” by M. Cross Dougherty from “Cosmic Engine”
[0:37:31] Feature: Clone Rainbow
[0:39:39] “RGB” by Clone Rainbow from “Hallways on Loop”
[0:43:49] “Vernal” by Giovanni Di Domenico + Pak Yan Lau + John Also Bennett from “Tidal Perspectives”
[0:46:13] “Petals of Impermanence (with Edoardo Gastaldi)” by Kilometre Club from “An Alphabet of Distance”
[0:50:53] “Buzios (solo version)” by Niclas Lundqvist from “Observations”
[0:55:22] “The Nameless Forest” by Philippe Deschamps “Forest of my Nights”
[0:58:47] “Whispers of Rudraksha” by Sonic Dream Machine from “The Sacred Forest”
[1:03:16] “Out of the Mud” by Thorny from “Flood”
[1:12:08] “Pinwheel Galaxy” by Davide Perico + Lunar Soundscapes from “Crossfades”
[1:17:05] Feature: Marco Lucchi + Henrik Meierkord [1:19:04] “The Scripture of the Golden Eternity” by Marco Lucchi + Henrik Meierkord from “Lieder Ohne Worte”
[1:31:46] “Infinite Dream” by Richard Theisen from “Oceanova”
[1:37:26] “Secret of the Andes” by Sherry Finzer from “Spirit Guides”
[1:42:03] “Sparkles and Dreams” by The Missing Note from “Imaginary North Transmission 008”
[1:47:28] “Pages Of” by Arbee and Norvik from “Prints”
[1:50:46] “Plato’s Windchimes” by Six O’Matic from “Sky Allusions”
[1:56:51] “Micrografia” by Sonmi451 by “The Eighteen Minute Gap”
[2:04:00] “Mons Ampère” by Stolace from “Relay Station // Artemis, Vol. 2”

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