Episode 05.20 // feat. Ed Herbers & Philippe Deschamps

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In today's program we're all about that mental voyage the music takes us on — the trip if you will. Ambient music can set quite the stage, and I've got two great artists that deserve a moment in the spotlight. Ed Herbers is out with another full-length album taking us high into the atmosphere, and French film composer Philippe Deschamps takes us through a mystical forest steeped in metaphor inspired by the Divine Comedy. Plus music from Ben Chatwin, Billy Denk, Ghostloop & Atmøsphäre, Gollden, and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Ed Herbers
Philippe Deschamps



[0:01:01] Introduction
[0:02:36] “Dolmen” by Ben Chatwin from “Verdigris”
[0:04:55] “Furthest Limits” by Billy Denk from “Meditations of the Cosmos”
[0:11:29] “Below the Water Surface” by Ghostloop & Atmøsphäre from “Exosphere”
[0:18:39] “I Shall Not Want” by Larkenlyre from “Psalms & Sutras”
[0:23:00] “there will be birds in september” by Gollden from “birds in september”
[0:31:34] “Alguien Escribió Su Nombre En El Vidrio Empañado” by Federico Durand from “Té De Flores Silvestres”
[0:37:10] Feature: Ed Herbers [0:38:38] “Stratosphere” by Ed Herbers from “Upper Atmosphere”
[0:50:19] “The Memory Temple (feat. Dashmesh)” by Byron Metcalf from “Rituals of Passion”
[0:57:29] “In a Gadda Da Vida” by Marco Lucchi + Henrik Meierkord from “Lieder Ohne Worte”
[1:03:29] “Eden” by Melaine Dalibert from “Eden, Fall”
[1:41:42] Feature: Philippe Deschamps
[1:43:33] “Behind the Curtain of Dreams, Pt. 2” by Philippe Deschamps from “Forest of my Nights”
[1:47:30] “Soothing Note” by Le Code from “Imaginary North Transmission 008”
[1:50:58] “Haierbäumchen” by Oberlin from “Von Wegen”
[2:06:12] “The Light’s Edge” by Loneward from “Beyond the Sea Part One”
[2:14:24] “Sonoro II” by Stolace from “SPACES | Sonoro”

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