Episode 05.22 // feat. Gollden & Byron Metcalf + Dashmesh

Show theme: music for the summer solstice

Show description

In today's program we're honoring the summer solstice with the beauty and splendor of ambient and atmospheric music. I've got two new releases that take us to vastly different spaces, of the mind. Gollden (with two L's) has a brand new EP that captures a day-dreamy afternoon in a hammock quite perfectly. We'll be sharing a track from her sublime EP in a few moments. Also, Byron Metcalf and Dashmesh have collaborated to create a shamanic experience that will help us usher in the summer solstice with an other worldly soundtrack. Plus music from Angel, City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Philippe Deschamps, Oberlin, and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Byron Metcalf + Dashmesh



[0:00:55] Introduction
[0:02:38] “Pearl” by Angel from “Lifecolours” [0:06:31] “Resonant Wandering” by City of Dawn + Sherry Finzer + Karasvana from “The Journeying Sun”
[0:11:59] “II. First Light” by David Stoddard from “EVOLVE”
[0:22:14] “Points of Light” by Ed Herbers from “Upper Atmosphere”
[0:26:23] “Open Heart” by James Murray from “Soundflowers”
[0:32:16] “City Window” by Clone Rainbow from “Hallways on Loop”
[0:36:14] Feature: Gollden [0:37:38] “The Same As It Was” by Gollden from “Birds in September”
[0:40:52] “Dazed” by Kiasmos from “Flown” (EP)
[0:45:56] “Lands of Permanent Mist” by CV & JAB from “Κλίμα (Klima)”
[0:49:48] “The Third Stage” by marco Lucchi + Henrik Meierkord from “Lieder Ohne Worte”
[0:57:50] “Gernholland” by Oberlin from “Von Wegen”
[1:08:08] “The Groundwater of Tomorrow (Stilhed Rework)” by Philippe Deschamps from “What the Sea Promises”
[1:11:49] “Bluewater (Retrospection)” by SØLYS from “Ambient 1: Bluewater”
[1:16:49] “Shoots” by The Moon Mountaineer from “Shoots”
[1:19:51] Feature: Byron Metcalf + Dashmesh
[1:24:07] “The Way Through” by Byron Metcalf + Dashmesh from “Rituals of Passion”
[1:25:40] “Celestial Mechanics” from Cosmic Cadence from “Planetary Forces”
[1:32:53] “After the Rain” by Ghostloop + Atmøsphäre from “Exosphere”
[1:36:50] “Jumping Backwards (with Retland)” by Kilometre Club from “An Alphabet of Distance”
[1:42:41] “Whisper Down the Lane” by Benoît Pioulard + Offthesky from “Sunder”
[1:47:33] “Stellar Odyssey” by Mirai No Hagaki + TL30 from “Imaginary North Transmission 007”
[1:51:51] “Opening” by Danny Clay from “No More Darkness, No More Night”
[2:00:13] “Sonoro III” by STOLACE from “SPACES | Sonoro”

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