Episode 05.23 // feat. City of Dawn & Cosmic Cadence

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In today's program I've got two featured artists representing two very different expressions of ambient and electronic music, both with thoroughly enjoyable albums. My first featured artist is City of Dawn showing just how prolific he is with his 59th release on Bandcamp. And Cosmic Cadence coming in hot with their brand new galactic-inspired album 'Planetary Forces', and it's giving me Hearts of Space vibes! Plus music from Ceramic, Brandon Tani, Dalton Alexander, Arrival in Eden, and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


City of Dawn
Cosmic Cadence



[0:00:55] Introduction
[0:02:35] “Fragments of an Ancient Sky (abridged)” by Ceramic from “Fragments of an Ancient Sky”
[0:06:54] “Eager to Leave When No One’s Looking” by Brandon Tani from “The Road Was Bent from the Way We Took It”
[0:15:30] “Réuni De Toutes Parts” by Dalton Alexander from “Almost Home If I’m Still Alive”
[0:20:53] “Blurred Faces” by Arrival in Eden from “End Time Visions”
[0:25:50] “Drift Creek” by Ann Annie from “The Wind (Album)”
[0:30:40] “Bereft Reverie” by Trystaria from “On that which remains only in withering memory” [0:38:50] Feature: City of Dawn
[0:40:25] “Into a Spirit’s Dream (feat. Sherry Finzer)” by City of Dawn from “Invincible Summer”
[0:45:25] “Tranquillitas” by Domy Castellano from “Notturni, Vol. 3” [0:47:55] “One Universe” by Frolin from “Bliss”
[0:50:12] “Una Coperta Di Silenzio” by Giovanni Di Domenico from “Succo di Formiche” [1:00:55] “Fervour” by Hidden Imprint from “Fervour (single)”
[1:03:31] “Nymphae” by Jason Potter from “Species” [1:08:00] “Like Two Secrets Hidden in a Garden” by John Reidar Holmes from “Lost in Some Stream of Time”
[1:15:12] “Long Morning” by Le Code from “Sunday”
[1:20:44] Feature: Cosmic Cadence
[1:22:52] “Drake Equation” by Cosmic Cadence from “Planetary Forces”
[1:27:23] “The Sun Was Shining” by Billy Denk from “In Praise of Shadows”
[1:31:33] “Trondenesveien South” by Boreal Taiga from “Music for the Drive on Rv83” [1:39:49] “Silky River” by Andrea Bacci from “Mystic”
[1:45:35] “Calm Sonoran Rain” by Brannan Lane & Ambiente Solstice from “Wayfarer Records Sampler: Volume One”
[1:48:43] “Dreamcatcher” by ELEON from “Hidden Kingdom”
[1:55:23] “Re-turn” by Entheogenic Sound Explorers from “Path to Myth”
[2:03:01] “Sonoro IV” by Stolace from “SPACES | Sonoro”

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