Episode 5.05 // Featuring s28 & Annie Aries | February 4, 2024

PLAYLIST [0:01:05] Introduction [0:03:13] “Fallings” by Russel Burden & Craig Tattersall from “Diagenesis” [0:14:12] “Faint” by Sacrobosco from “IVXVI” [0:21:16] “Dripping Force” by Shinkiro from “Stalaktos” [0:24:41] “Out of Nowhere” by Thorny from “See No Sky” [0:31:56] Feature 1: s28 [0:33:10] “The Yawning Meow of the Universe” by s28 from “TS-12” [0:42:00] “Guérison” by Ocoeur from “Nouveau Départ” [0:50:10] “All Beings Are One” by Nova Loka from “REQUIEM - In Memorium of Gordon Harvey”

Episode 4.06 // feat. AITIA and Bill Seaman, Tim Diagram, & Stephen Spera

PLAYLIST [0:01:30] “Burnt Island” by Taylor Deupree from “Eev” [0:06:05] “Opal” by Resonating Echoes from “Opal” [0:11:37] Promo: support [0:11:56] “Dancing with Voices” by Kajsa Magnarsson from “New Age Sound Aesthetics” [0:19:10] Featured artist: AITIA [0:20:44] “Supersymmetry” by AITIA from “ENA” [0:27:19] “Waning Quarter” by Eafhm from “Autumn Sounds” [0:34:42] “Mesangial” by Akhira Sano from “Phase Contrast From Recollection” [0:41:07] Featured album: “The World Was Turning Before” by Bill Seaman, Tim Diagram, and Stephen Spera