Episode 05.19 // feat. Lorenzo Montanà & Taylor Deupree

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In today's program we're going to explore contrasts in ambient music, the highs, the lows, the minimalists, the deeply complex, and everything in between. My featured artists on the program both have remarkable new albums that approach minute details from different vantage points — I've got new music from Lorenzo Montanà pushing the boundaries of electronic and ambient music with densely packed arrangements, and Taylor Deupree exploring the finite details and slow evolutionary spaces found in minimalism. Plus music from Bryan Senti and Dom Bouffard, Evenfall, Ben Lukas Boysen, ILUITEQ, and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Lorenzo Montanà
Taylor Deupree



[0:00:56] Introduction
[0:02:46] “The Ground” by Bryan Senti + Dom Bouffard from “Killing Horizon”
[0:07:46] “Above the Treeline” by Evenfall from “Circular Motion”
[0:12:18] “The Sand in the Heart” by Ben Lukas Boysen from “Falling Into Place (Original Score)”
[0:16:37] “Fragile Beauty” by Ed Herbers from “Upper Atmosphere”
[0:22:31] “Exodus” by Henrik Meierkord from “Proscenium”
[0:26:37] “Archè” by ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà from “Katà Métron”
[0:31:48] Feature: Lorenzo Montanà
[0:34:04] “Arenaria” by Lorenzo Montanà from “VION”
[0:39:04] “Uncertainty in Time” by M. Cross Dougherty from “Particles/Waves”
[0:42:13] “Siskin” by Masaya Ozaki from Mizukara
[0:51:23] “Stellar Odyssey” by Mirai No Hagaki + TL30 from “Lunar Illusions”
[0:58:01] “Behind the Curtain of Dreams, Pt. 1” by Philippe Deschamps from “Forest of my Nights”
[1:01:38] “Underneath” by RL Huber from “Memories of Falling”
[1:04:02] “Body” by The Humble Bee + Offthesky from “Here In, Absence”
[1:12:49] “Railway Station” by NoRinTon + Atmøsphäre from “Imaginary North Transmission 008”
[1:17:08] Feature: Taylor Deupree
[1:19:09] “Temper” by Taylor Deupree from “Sti.ll”
[1:33:44] “I’ll Be There For Your Recollections” by Akhira Sano from “Phase Contrast From Recollection”
[1:40:32] “two” by Black Decelerant from “Reflections Vol 2: Black Decelerant”
[1:43:03] “Shadows in Motion” by Brannan Lane + John Gregorius + Sean O’Bryan Smith from “Emergence”
[1:51:12] “Looking Up” by Brian Fechino from “Reflection Spaces Vol. 1”
[1:55:33] “Circle 37 (with Priscilla Ahn)” by Foam and Sand from “Foam and Sand”
[1:58:56] “Spaces | Prelude (part two)” by Stolace from “Spaces | Prelude”

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