Episode 05.13 // feat. Daryl Groetsch & Oberlin

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In today's program we're stepping into more atmospheric compositions in the ambient genre, and I've got two really great atmospheric and drone based ambient albums that you're going to love. I'm featuring the latest from Daryl Groetsch with a gorgeous, long-form EP, and Oberlin with a new release that's chock-full with spatial goodness. Plus music from Absense, Akhira Sano, ELEON, Le Code, M. Cross Dougherty and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Daryl Groetsch



[0:01:10] Introduction
[0:02:44] “The Migration” by Absence from “Empty Sky”
[0:10:29] “Pure Joy” by Akhira Sano from “Phase Contrast From Recollection”
[0:16:01] “Seaside Nude / Suicide Note” by Benoît Pioulard & Offthesky from “Sunder”
[0:20:55] “Slumberland” by ELEON from “Hidden Kingdom”
[0:27:22] “Until we meet again” by Giannis Gogos from “Roads”
[0:33:11] Feature: Daryl Groetsch
[0:34:46] “Above the Shore (Radio Edit)” by Daryl Groetsch from “Above the Shore” (EP)
[0:40:27] “Nattsländor” from Andersson/Meierkord from “Metamorfos”
[0:46:02] “Sunset in Kritinia” by Raf21 from “Rhodes Trip”
[0:49:!9] “Polar Lights” by Thalictroa from “It Has Been Raining” [0:56:34] “Jade” by Michael D. Tidwell + Go Outside from “Imaginary North Transmission 007”
[0:59:30] “Taste” by Carl Lord from “The Five Senses”
[1:04:58] “Crepuscolo (6am)” by Domy Castellano from “End of Summer”
[1:09:33] “Fervour” by Hidden Imprint from “Fervour (single)”
[1:12:40] “Apeiron” by ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà from “Katà Métron”
[1:19:02] Feature: Oberlin
[1:20:18] “For the Slightest Sigh” by Oberlin from “The Softest Lace”
[1:34:48] “Stable / In Praise of Shadows” by Iu Takahashi from “Sense / Margin”
[1:39:42] “Lazy Day” by Le Code from “Sunday”
[1:43:18] “Transmission” by M. Cross Dougherty from “Cosmic Engine”
[1:48:39] “Slow Flow, pt. 6 - Reflect” by Parallel Relax from “Slow Flow”
[1:52:08] “ö-idé” by Rotating Tapes from “ö-idé (single)”
[2:03:23] “Spaces | Prelude (part three)” by STOLACE from “Spaces | Prelude”

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