Episode 05.05 // feat. s28 & Annie Aries

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In this episode of The Relay Station, we feature brand new space-themed music from s28 and the new experimental release from Annie Aries, plus music from Sacrobosco, Shinkiro, Thorny, Ocoeur, Nova Loka, Ned Milligan, Memory Scale, Will Samson, Trystaria, Tom Eaton, and many more!


Annie Aries



[0:01:05] Introduction
[0:03:13] “Fallings” by Russel Burden & Craig Tattersall from “Diagenesis”
[0:14:12] “Faint” by Sacrobosco from “IVXVI”
[0:21:16] “Dripping Force” by Shinkiro from “Stalaktos”
[0:24:41] “Out of Nowhere” by Thorny from “See No Sky”
[0:31:56] Feature 1: s28
[0:33:10] “The Yawning Meow of the Universe” by s28 from “TS-12”
[0:42:00] “Guérison” by Ocoeur from “Nouveau Départ”
[0:50:10] “All Beings Are One” by Nova Loka from “REQUIEM - In Memorium of Gordon Harvey”
[0:59:40] “A Crack in the Sky” by Ned Milligan from “Considerable”
[1:08:36] “Taghrid (Solo Version)” by Morouj from “Taghrid”
[1:11:27] “A Suivre” by Memory Scale from “And All Things Begin To Drift”
[1:16:31] “Space Dust” by Liminal States from “Wayfarer Records Sampler: Volume One”
[1:22:18] “Kratzwerk - Licht” by Kratzerk & Hotel Shampoo from “Geist”
[1:28:28] “The Flood” by Kilometre Club from “On Ice”
[1:35:25] Feature 2: Annie Aries
[1:36:48] “Solitaire” by Annie Aries from “It’s Not Quiet in the Void” (FADE OUT ENDING)
[1:42:08] “Love of Birds, Walking on Soil” by Akhira Sano from “Shadow’s Praise”
[1:48:48] “5589144” by 4eom from “12358”
[1:52:52] “I’d Rather Be In Space” by Yannick Mirko from “I’d Rather Be In Space”
[1:57:49] “Beatrij’s Theremin” by Will Samson from “Harp Swells”
[2:04:48] “Reset” by Shamik from “Imaginary North Transmission 004”
[2:09:27] “Whispers Across the Sea” by City of Dawn from “Deep Focus - Music for Flow State…”
[2:14:03] “Suffused with hollow recollection” by Trystaria from “A world; a glimmer; a flower”
[2:24:34] “a flight above the divide” by tom eaton from “linger”
[2:34:32] “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” by Stolace from “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”

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