Episode 05.08 // feat. The Humble Bee & Offthesky & Henrik Meierkord

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In this episode I've got two fantastic artists that we'll be showcasing — each with an incredible album worth the listen end to end. My featured artists on the program are The Humble Bee & Offthesky with a fantastic collaborative sound experience and Henrik Meierkord with a masterful performance in his heart-moving album 'Proscenium'. Plus new music from Arrival in Eden, City of Dawn, Gollden & Willows8ng, ILUITEQ, and so much more... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


The Humble Bee & Offthesky
Henrik Meierkord



[0:01:05] Introduction
[0:02:45] “Dawn” by Arrival in Eden from “End Time Visions”
[0:06:30] “Brew Haven (awakened souls rework)” by City of Dawn from “Brew Haven”
[0:10:59] “Bathe in Colour” by Gollden & Willows8ng from “Bathe in Colour”
[0:19:45] “Aletheia” by ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montanà from “Katà Métron”
[0:27:00] “Human” by Laura Masotto from “The Spirit of Things”
[0:29:52] “Pure State” by M. Cross Dougherty from “Particles/Waves”
[0:37:04] FEATURE: The Humble Bee & Offthesky [0:38:20] “Movement” by The Humble Bee & Offthesky from “Here in, Absence”
[0:45:02] “In I Reached (feat A Distant Shore, Asymmetric Cut, Andrea Marinelli)” by Chelidon Frame from “Flatline Voyages”
[0:56:57] “Crystal Hypgnosis” by PCM from “Dreamland”
[1:02:18] “Circulata Melodia” by Furtherset from “The Infinite Hour”
[1:11:57] “Cimbala” by Rapoon from “Cidar” (1994)
[1:21:28] “Liquid Air” by Robert Rich from “Below Zero” (1998)
[1:29:47] “The Mechanisms of Starlight” by DAC Crowell from “The Mechanisms of Starlight” (2003)
[1:36:50] FEATURE: Henrik Meierkord [1:38:27] “Chorus” by Henrik Meierkord from “Proscenium”
[1:43:40] “White Hole” by AITIA from “ENA”
[1:50:20] “Equilibrium” by Allen Constantine from “Opus ‘85”
[1:54:13] “Breath” by Andrea Bacci from “Perceptions Vol. 2”
[1:57:40] “Sublimation” by Ed Herbers from “Coming of Age”
[2:03:34] “Patrón de Puntos” by Entidad Animada from “Copia Oculta”
[2:10:04] “Fervour (Night)” by Hidden Imprint from “Fervour Single”
[2:16:06] “Elegy (ft. Hallveig Rúnarsdottir)” by Högni from “Katla (Music from the Netflix Television Series)”
[2:18:39] “Oltre Terra” by Hania Rani from “Ghosts”
[2:21:11] “Last Quiet Minutes” by “Le Code” from “Sunday”
[2:26:14] “The Turning” by Stolace from “Relay Station // Dark Matter, Vol. 2”

Episode 5.07 playlist

[2:36:08] “Little Deschutes” by Evenfall from “Circular Motion”
[2:40:59] “The Edge of Time” by Eliche Remblon from “The Edge of Time”
[2:43:00] “Senses” by The Humble Bee & Offthesky from “Here In, Absense”

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[0:00:03] “Yearnings of the Lost (feat. Cielo Terra, Mouad Abbad)” by The Missing Note from “Symphonic Reverie - An Orchestral Journey”
[0:05:58] Feature: Rotating Tapes
[0:07:14] “Hycklarkult” by Rotating Tapes from “1”
[0:14:39] “Flashing Cursor” by Sonaura fronm “Strays (B)”
[0:18:08] “Emergent Forms IV” by Spectrical from “Emergent Forms”
[0:28:04] “Velta” by Bill Seaman, Tim Diagram, Stephen Spera from “The World Was Turning Before”
[0:37:49] “It Could Have Been A Beautiful Night” by Aiko Takahashi from “It Could Have Been A Beautiful”
[0:50:46] “Early Rise (Bahrambient Rework)” by Raphah from “Still Journey”
[0:58:00] Feature: Hiram
[0:59:49] “First Light” by Hiram from “Yucca Music”
[1:16:31] “New Beginnings” by Morning Haze from “Nature Prevail”
[1:20:46] “Unfurl” by Ross Christopher from “The Eternal Nature of Temporary Things”
[1:25:47] “A Level of Cover” by Bowing from “North Standing”
[1:31:04] “Sacral Temple” by Nagual the Divine from “Sacral Temple”
[1:35:17] “Your Songs” by Nolan Brewer from “Tomorrow is Another Day”
[1:37:34] “Amongst the Sequoias” by Retland from “Mazama”
[1:44:45] “Silent Dream” by Andrea Bacci from “Perceptions Vol 2”
[1:47:13] “Intimate Embrace” by City of Dawn from “Transient Lounge”
[1:50:18] “día 2” by Entidad Animada from “aplanando la curva”
[1:55:02] “Voyager II” by Stolace from “Voyager [EP]”

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