Episode 05.12 // feat. Peter Calandra & The Moon Mountaineer

Show theme: Piano Day

Show description

In today's program we're celebrating Piano Day a few days early and will be showcasing a lot of great piano music in the ambient, atmospheric, and neoclassical genres. My featured artists on the program are Peter Calandra and The Moon Mountaineer, both with emotive new neoclassical releases that I'm excited to share with you today. Plus music from Ben Lukas Boysen, Meierkord & Anderson, Ed Herbers, Vetle Nærø and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Peter Calandra
The Moon Mountaineer



[0:01:04] Introduction
[0:02:36] “Winterwood (with Teset)” by Kilometre Club from “An Alphabet of Distance”
[0:06:04] “Some Kind of Pattern” by Ben Lukas Boysen from “Falling Into Place (Original Score)”
[0:08:06] “Puppa” by Meierkord / Anderson feat. Ossler from “Metamorfos”
[0:13:47] “The Smell of a Solitary House” by Htennek Niwhsa from “The Smell of a Solitary House”
[0:15:53] “Travel Within” by Juan Sánchez from “Travel Within (single)”
[0:19:26] “10-13 (Piano Improvisation 1)” by Alaskan Tapes & LUCHS from “After the Flood” [0:25:12] “The Stillness of Flow” by Gary Schmidt from “Afterthoughts” [0:29:31] Feature: Peter Calandra [0:30:43] “Joyful Light” by Peter Calandra from “Spirit” [0:36:08] “Arctic” by Doeke from “Arctic (single)”
[0:38:45] “Rumination” by Ed Herbers from “Coming of Age”
[0:41:25] “Autumn Window” by Lubomyr Melnyk from “Corollaries (10th Anniversary Special Edition)”
[0:50:59] “Dog Years” by David Hall from “Dog Years (single)”
[0:53:34] “Flutter” by Carlos Maya from “Flutter (single)”
[0:56:44] “In Between” by Vetle Nærø from “From Moments” [1:00:54] “Illucid” by spectrical from “Fleeting visions into sleep”
[1:04:14] “Circle 28 (with Priscilla Ahn)” by Foam and Sand from “Foam and Sand”
[1:07:42] “Whispering House (feat. Olafur Arnalds)” by Hania Rani from “Ghosts”
[1:12:15] “Evolution” by Allen Constantine from “Louder Than Words”
[1:15:37] Feature: The Moon Mountaineer [1:16:46] “The Night Bird” by The Moon Mountaineer from “Songs The Night Bird Taught Me”
[1:19:15] “Sea of the Edge” by Larkenlyre from “Magical Majestical”
[1:22:03] “Jewel City” by Maya Sand from “Manipura: The Third Chakra”
[1:25:20] “Morning Mist” by Charles Szczepanek from “Moments of Reflection” [1:31:07] “Flashback” by Sonaura from “Noumena”
[1:34:29] “Opus 17 - Patience” by Yannick Mirko from “Rare disease day: music from the documentary”
[1:36:44] “Still Journey” by Raphah from “Still Journey”
[1:42:01] “The Times We Have Lost (feat. Jehanne Bastoni, Heartblood)” by The Missing Note from “Symphonic Reverie - An Orchestral Journey”
[1:45:13] “North” by Ross Christopher from “The Eternal Nature of Temporary Things”
[1:49:57] “Timebook” by Bill Seaman, Tim Diagram, Stephen Spera from “The World Was Turning Before”
[1:55:57] “Soft Arabesque” by Carlo Matti, Colettivo Armonico from “Soft Arabesque (single)”
[1:59:35] Feature: podcast episode with Chris P. Thompson
[2:01:26] “Wall” by Chris P. Thompson from “Stay the Same”
[2:05:14] “Wordless” by Roedelius & Arnold Kasar from “Zensibility”
[2:10:34] “Pottery Fragments” by CV & JAB from “Κλίμα (Klima)”
[2:17:16] “A New Horizon” by Frolin from “Morrowtide”
[2:21:02] “A Prelude to Nostalgia” by Alisha Redmond from “Regermination: Selected Works for Piano”
[2:28:14] “Synchronicity” by Julie Hanney from “Everyday Miracles”
[2:31:02] “Hazy Mood” by Vivarium from “Piano Book”
[2:33:54] “The Quiet Place” by Stolace from “Whispers in the Wind, Echos of Solitude”

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