Episode 05.21 // feat. Ghostloop + Atmøsphäre & Vagantpoesi

Show theme: atmospheric & experimental music

Show description

In today's program we're strapping on our proverbial backpacks and foregoing the paved roads for the wild open landscapes of atmospheric and experimental ambient music, stretching the boundaries of what mainstream culture typically defines as music. I'm going to be featuring two fantastic new releases from artists that are going to help us do just that, explore the roads less traveled in electronic music. My featured artists on the program both have new releases on the Perceptual Tapes label — Ghostloop + Atmøphäre have an enchanting collaboration that will whisk you off to magical vistas of sound and texture, and the ever exotic and experimental Vagantpoesi, leading us on an expedition filled with mystery and intrigue. Plus music from Absence, Sonaura, Annie Aries, Simon Šerc and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Ghostloop + Atmøsphäre



[0:00:50] Introduction
[0:03:05] “Signals” by Absence from “Empty Sky”
[0:10:08] “Ultimi Raggi” by Andrea Burelli from “De Sidera”
[0:14:29] “Abyss” by Annie Aries from “It’s Not Quiet in the Void”
[0:21:13] “Centerless” by Daryl Groetsch from “Frozen Waste”
[0:28:59] “TKO” by FIN from “Cleats”
[0:30:50] “ÓS” by The Iceland Symphony Orchestra from “Atmospheriques”
[0:37:54] Feature: Ghostloop + Atmøphäre
[0:39:43] “Forgotten Memories” by Ghostloop + Atmøphäre from “Exosphere”
[0:44:06] “You Could See What I Heard” by Memory Scale from “And All Things Begin to Drift”
[0:49:53] “40” by MIT from “Przybliżenia”
[0:53:04] “Fadings” by Russel Burden + Craig Tattersall from “Diagenesis”
[1:04:03] “Three Kinds of Dawn” by Sonaura from “Noumena”
[1:08:44] “Early Mornings” by Giannis Gogos from “Roads” [1:14:52] “Burnt Island” by Taylor Deupree from “Eev”
[1:20:16] Feature: Vagantpoesi
[1:21:57] “Ceaseless Inflorence” by Vagantpoesi from “Unmetrical”
[1:27:15] “The Bald-Faced Sun” by Shedir from “Before the Last Light is Blown”
[1:32:23] “Take Me to Somewhere Liminal” by Ghost in the Loop from “Imaginary North Transmission 008”
[1:35:57] “Action X” by Simon Šerc from “Bora Scura”
[1:40:50] “It Could Have Been A Beautiful Morning” by Aiko Takahashi from “It Could Have Been a Beautiful”
[2:00:20] “Había Una Vez” by Federico Durand from “Té De Flores Silvestres”
[2:06:45] “Blink / Landscape” by Iu Takahashi from “Sense / Margin”
[2:10:17] “Sonoro V” by Stolace from “SPACES | Sonoro”

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