Episode 05.14 // feat. Giannis Gogos & Danny Clay

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In today's program we're going deep for a texture-rich sensory experience within the ambient genre — my two featured artists on the program have new releases that are ripe for the picking. Giannis Gogos makes their debut with the Perceptual Tapes label with an album chock full of tape loop goodness, and Danny Clay is out with a new album that is gorgeous from end to end. Plus music from Christian Welde, Kilometre Club, Lorenzo Montanà, AITIA, and many more.... Strap in and make yourself comfortable, join us for the next two-plus hours for global ambient music, on The Stolace Relay Station.


Giannis Gogos
Danny Clay



[0:01:04] Introduction
[0:02:40] “Atmosphere 1” by Christian Welde from “Atmosphere 1”
[0:08:02] “Between and Beyond (with Absence)” by Kilometre Club from “An Alphabet of Distance”
[0:13:00] “Xardin Harmonioso” by Lorenzo Montanà from “VION”
[0:16:38] “Negentropy” by AITIA from “ANE”
[0:23:10] “Orange” by Arbee and Norvik from “Prints”
[0:26:27] “Night Walk” by Arrival in Eden from “End Time Visions”
[0:36:14] Feature: Giannis Gogos
[0:37:30] “Coming Home” by Giannis Gogos from “Roads”
[0:42:25] “Catharsis” by Henrik Meierkord from “Proscenium”
[0:45:32] “Orbiting Solitudes” by Mirai No Hagaki + TL30 from “Lunar Illusions”
[0:48:26] “Presence” by The Humble Bee + Offthesky from “Here In, Absence”
[0:57:15] “Sheltered from the Winds” by City of Dawn from “Transient Lounge”
[1:00:52] “Into Isolation” by Ben Lukas Boysen from “Falling Into Place (Original Score)”
[1:04:54] “Dazed” by Kaismos from “Flown (EP)”
[1:10:42] Feature: Danny Clay
[1:11:54] “Part 1” by Danny Clay from “No More Darkness, No More Night”
[1:17:37] “Divided” by Deepriver from “Volume One”
[1:23:50] “Cambiaforma 2” by Entidad Animada from “Copia Oculta”
[1:26:44] “Radiate” by James Murray from “Ascensión por Chimo Pérez”
[1:34:47] “Brighter One Day” by Last Days from “Windscale”
[1:39:15] “Anyway River” by Memory Scale from “And all Things Begin to Drift”
[1:46:23] “Nightmare Alley” by PCM from “Dreamland”
[1:50:56] “Lifeline” by Roedelius & Arnold Kasar from “Zensibility”
[1:57:34] “Space Wheel” by s28 from “TS-12”
[2:01:20] “Spikes” by shedir from “Before the Last Light is Blown”
[2:09:45] “Fireside” by Six Missing from “Here for Now”
[2:14:36] “A Nice Little Quandry” by Sonmi451 from “The Eighteen Minute Gap”
[2:23:37] “Spaces | Prelude (part one)” by Stolace from “Spaces | Prelude”

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