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featuring ambient, neoclassical, and new age artists from around the world.

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Relay Station Episodes

  • Episode 03.22 // featuring Tomáš Šváb & Snowsleep

    Next on The STOLACE RELAY STATION, we’re taking a step into the rhythmic side of ambient music with understated beats, binaural resonance, and the soft influx of melodic rhythms and patterns. Our feature artists tonight are Tomas Svab from Slovakia and Snowsleep from Germany, ushering us into the subdued cadence often found in ambient-influenced electronic music. Plus the music of Cloud Capacity, Pulse Emitter, Nova Loka, Last Days, Homeless Balloon, Foam and Sand, Brighde Cahimbeul, and Andrea Bacci.

  • Episode 03.21 // featuring Troyificus & Tom Eaton

    In this transmission, we’re going to take you to heights filled with serenity and meditative states, featuring two fantastic ambient artists. Troyificus from the United Kingdom sets a dreamy setting for us from their album “Sounds of the Twilight Court”, and Grammy nominated artist and producer Tom Eaton hypnotizes us with their contemplative piece for piano and synth. Plus the music of Stellia, NOTOMS, ILUITEQ, Dylan John Sparkes, Carlos Schwarz, 4eom, Arovane, and William St. Hugh.

  • Episode 03.20 // featuring AUTORHYTHM & Last Days

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, Sweden’s AUTORHYTHM defies convention by pushing the limits and capabilities and bringing them back to a golden era of innovation, and Scotland’s post-rock ambient act Last Days takes us through the pages of history and naive innovation of Britain’s Windscale nuclear power plant. Plus the music of Roe, Rapoon, M. Geddes Gengras, Piotr Janeczek, Juan Sanchez, Jesus in Japan, Arovane, and D*Time.

  • Episode 03.19 // featuring Anthony Salvo & Arovane

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, we explore minimalist expression through both traditional instrumentation and unique sound design. Colorado-based violinist and composer Anthony Salvo lures us in with a gorgeous minimalist piece featuring emotive violin work, and German sound designer Arovane shares with us their latest release exploring minimalist textures with creatively placed layers of sound. Plus the music of Thomas Otten, Stellia, Richard Orton, ILUITEQ, Graham Dean Satterthwaite, Emmalee Crane, Claire Fitch, and Carlos Schwarz.

  • Episode 03.18 // featuring S28 & Rildrim

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, we are escorted through vivid dystopian landscapes and other-worldly visuals with the help of our next two feature artists — s28 from Augusta, Georgia, and Rildrim from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. The digital panoramic views are breathtaking. Plus the music of Emmalee Crane, Tilopa, Stuart Sweeney, Roe, Rob Cosh, and Vivarium.

  • Episode 03.17 // featuring Robinson's Village & Tilopa

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, London’s Robinson’s Village lures us into a mental state of bliss and intrigue with their mesmerizing composition, and German woodwind artist Tilopa summons us with their minimalist piece for piano and flute to a place of transcendence and reflection. Plus the music of Entheogenic Sound Explorers, Piotr Janeczek, Ray Carl Daye, Roe, Last Days, Olexa Kabanov, and Paul Avgerinos.

  • Episode 03.16 // featuring Astrotherapy & Chelidon Frame

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, we feature mesmerizing music from Minnesota-based Astrotherapy involving nearly unorthodox uses of the Roland SP404, and Italian artist Chelidon Frame who creates dream-like pieces with tape loops, field recordings, and a variety of instrumentation. Plus the music of Nova Loka, Nate Collins, Logic Gate, Gregory Paul Mineeff, Entheogenic Sound Explorers, Eleven Tales, and Alex Nickmann.

  • Episode 03.15 // featuring ILUITEQ & Richard Brincklow

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, the Italian duo ILUITEQ takes us on an exploration of movement and humanity’s struggle to endure, and UK artist Richard Brincklow leaves us pining for more with a sweet, tender, and yet somber composition. Plus Robert Rich & Luca Formentini, Dylan John Sparkes, Tomoyoshi Date, Tomas Svab, Rildrim, and sokamiru.

  • Episode 03.14 // featuring Brad E. Rose & Superfocus

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, Oklahoma artist Brad E. Rose elevates us in a transcendent experience with their angelic composition, and Australian artist Superfocus takes us on a post-apocalyptic journey through sound and movement. Plus the music of Ekin Fil, Tristan Bres, Snowsleep, Robert Rich & Luca Formentini, and Michael Reiley.

  • Episode 03.13 // featuring Alisha Redmond & Antoine Doré

    Next on The STOLACE | RELAY STATION, we reflect on the gorgeous landscapes of Gippsland Victoria, Australia with a consoling piece by Australian pianist and composer Alisha Redmond, and we place Canadian artist Antoine Doré in the wintry spotlight with a piece filled with delicate intensity. Plus the music of Pulse Emitter, Eleven Tales, Elenne, Dylan John Sparkes, D*Time, Snowsleep, and The Golden Bough.